Make bank reconciliation a piece of cake

Connect Xero to your bank account and get statements imported and categorised automatically. Match your statement lines with transactions in Xero and click OK to reconcile. It’s that easy.

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Xero dashboard on ipad

More business solutions

Easy Expense Claims

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Turn the financial elephant in the room into a small task.

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Beautiful dashboards

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Keep a tight rein on your business numbers with the Xero dashboard.

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Plans and pricing


$ 99 NZD / Month


$ 99 NZD / Month

Standard and premium plans are changing for new and existing subscribers from 2 June 2016.  Details on our blog

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What sets Xero apart

Because we started in the cloud, we’ve had the freedom to design the dream 
accounting solution. Already we’ve invested heavily to do it right and 
without compromise. That’s why people love Xero.


Trusted by 1 million subscribers

We’ve built the trust of our customers by being open and collaborative. Our team of over 1000 people are passionate about making accounting software that’s intuitive and easy to use.


An ecosystem of 600+ Add-on apps

You’re spoilt for choice with applications like inventory, invoicing, time tracking and expenses. They integrate with Xero to save your business time and money.