Covid-19 updates

The road to business recovery

Business continuity is more important than ever. We’re here to help you understand what government support you can get, teach you new skills, tips to take your business online or manage working remotely. We’re also sharing inspirational stories from the world of small business. This is just the beginning, so keep checking back on what more we can do.

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Business recovery

Discover the latest resources and developments to help you rebuild.

New mandatory COVID Tracing requirements

All businesses and services under Alert Levels 2 and 3 must display the official government QR code for the NZ COVID Tracer App. The order also includes a requirement to have systems and processes in place to otherwise support contact tracing for people who do not scan in with the NZ COVID Tracer app (such as a pen-and-paper register or a digital sign-in system).

This came into force on Wednesday 19 August, 2020.

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Accessing the governments interest free loan scheme
COVID-19 Business and Organisations

The challenges of COVID-19 means that many small businesses have to change the way they operate with their response. New measures have been implemented and designed to help small businesses and employees. Find out how the IRD is helping customers understand the tax implications of these changes.

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Take your business online
Business Finance Pack

Pulling together information to apply for a business finance pack can be time-consuming and manual. With three simple steps,  the Business Finance pack prepares financial reports directly  from Xero to help support your business loan application or provide business updates to your bank or lender.

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Catch up with Xero Now
Xero Hour

At Xero, we believe in the strength of community. Our driving force? To empower our diverse network of small business owners and partners to learn, grow, and succeed, both professionally and personally. Xero Hour focuses on bringing our network of small businesses and accounting partners together online once a month to connect and learn about meaningful topics.

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Tune in to free educational content

Register for our regular webinars or access resources to stay up to date on government support, navigating these changes in Xero and more.

Digital marketing for small business

This online course will help you grow your business with an online presence and learn the fundamentals of digital marketing. Learn how to extend your current reach and deliver an exceptional experience to your customers online.

Take your business online
Learn how to create an e-commerce version of your physical business. Focusing on building a profitable Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to start making money ASAP. 

Website best practices for your small business
Learn the key considerations when creating a profitable website and how to create great content that increases traffic and that your customers love.

How to market your small business online
Connect with your customers and make the most of your digital presence with these best practice tips for creating a successful digital marketing strategy.

Social media marketing for small business 
Learn the fundamentals of social media marketing to find your people and connect with your community. 

Move your business to the cloud

Marketing is an essential tool businesses use to find and keep customers. To grow and stand out from your competitors, you need a marketing strategy. We’ve put together an overview and resources to help get you started promoting your business online.

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Master your businesses cash flow

Understanding your cash flow is crucial for any business. If you’re new to the idea of managing your cash flow, we’ve put together a complete overview on how you can manage and automate this in Xero.

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Business guides and stories

Running and growing a business isn’t easy. Check out our guides for all the steps or take inspiration from Xero businesses.

Wellbeing support and resources

Xero Assistance Programme

Your mental wellbeing is important to us. You, your employees and families can access free and confidential mental health counselling and resources through the Xero Assistance Programme.

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Check in with your team’s wellbeing

It’s been a challenging year for us all, so to help you support your team to thrive, we’ve created The Check In, a five-step series for all small business leaders to prioritise wellbeing in the workplace. 

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Business continuity hub


Visit Xero Central for tools to help your business get through unforeseen disruptions. Register for upcoming webinars, find business and mental health resources, and connect with the Xero community to share your experience. 

We'll continue to add useful resources and information so keep checking in.

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Behind small business supporters

Here’s just a few organisations that are helping small businesses during these challenging times.

Kea Connect - powered by Xero

Connecting small businesses to global networks to help grow and scale. As a champion of Kiwi SMB’s for over ten years, Kea Connect provides free access to a network of high-impact Kiwi’s overseas, who are keen to help other globally-minded Kiwi’s.


Check out these webinars from leaders in the business world on the new global landscape, selling in a tough market and building stronger leadership teams. 

Regional Business Partner Network

Register with the Regional Business Partner Network to connect with a growth advisor for specialist, tailored advice - fast.  Eligible businesses can get access to free specialist advice and support for cash flow financial management and planning, business continuity planning and HR.

SOS Business

Buy a voucher now, redeem from your local later.  A not-for-profit initiative allowing Kiwis to get in behind their local businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Get advice from the experts. Mannaki is a support network for all Kiwi small business owners with questions about running their business.


Support your locals. Delivereat is a delicious directory of 1,000+ independent businesses delivering to you, updated daily. is associated with the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) and focuses on supporting the Government’s Better for Business objectives. Access resources and advice from the government to save your business time and help make it a success.

Get help to navigate what comes next

Your accountant or bookkeeper is key for advice on your specific circumstances and can help with contingency, cash flow and supply chain planning. If you don’t have an accountant or bookkeeper, find one in the Xero advisor directory.

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