The Xero grad program

The Xero graduate program is your way in, to a global company with a start-up mentality. Start your career with others in the same boat, have the support of a structured program, and be mentored by the best in the industry.

What part could you play?

Applications for our 2019 roles are now closed. Applications will open again in March 2019 for 2020 graduate positions.

Xero is growing at a phenomenal rate. There are constantly new roles appearing and as a grad you have the opportunity to try one, sometimes several, and grow from there. Find your in, and head on up.

Developers        Engineers        Product designers        Hub creatives        Data analysts        Agile facilitators


Developers build our products. You’ll focus on developing all our Xero features, which are many, and have the chance to rotate around the teams. If you like making stuff, fast, and making sure people are happy, we want you.

Applications for our 2019 roles are now closed however late applications for developer roles are still being accepted. Applications will open again in March 2019 for our 2020 graduate program.

Closed for 2019
What we do

Our dev grads are exposed to a number of different product teams, before choosing a path to pursue. You could be creating new functionalities, fixing bugs, working on our mobile platform, or integrating with over 5000 bank feeds across the world.

We have an agile workspace and codebase, with a really fast release cycle – multiple times a day, with over 1200 releases in 2017. Our API team processes around 260 million API calls each month, so we’re pretty busy. Every day we build and iterate on the software that our users love.

Our amazing teams are made up of full stack developers, front-end and back-end specialists and quality assurance engineers. From working with C#, to JavaScript, Swift, SQL, and AWS, we’ll help you on your path to becoming a full stack developer in your first year.


You need to be a really good communicator who’s keen to come up with great ideas, quickly. We want grads with any qualification, not necessarily a university degree.

Ideally you’ll:

  • have a passion for writing code  
  • have technical examples outside of uni, such as playing with a new framework, learning a new language, being active on Stack Overflow or having a great GitHub profile
  • be a great communicator who likes to work with a team
  • be able to take a logical approach to your work and cope with change


Engineers are platform people. That means nothing would function without us. No pressure, but if you want to build things that last a long time and that everyone relies on, this could be you.

Applications for our 2019 roles are now closed however late applications for engineer roles are still being accepted. Applications will open again in March 2019 for our 2020 graduate program.

Closed for 2019
What we do

As an engineer grad you’ll have a lot of Xero people to keep happy. Our team is responsible for making sure the whole Xero world can live, by creating the messaging systems, notification systems or monitoring systems, that a lot of the different apps use. We’re so important, it’s not funny. But we still have a laugh.

Xero is growing at a crazy rate, from 5,000 concurrent users in 2013 to 27,000 in 2017. So our job is to think long-term. Everything we do needs to be secure, reliable and scalable, so the developers can do their thing as fast as the world around is changing.

Day to day, you’ll get to play around with AWS, Windows Servers, Linux, SQL and network security with over 3,000 servers to maintain. You’ll also use your software development background to solve big challenges, by automating the solutions.


You’re someone that’s technically amazing, and great at dealing with differing opinions. You thrive in a fast-paced place and being part of a team. We want grads with any qualification, not necessarily a university degree.

Ideally you’ll:

  • like working with servers or data, but if you love to script or write code too that’s a great combo
  • love problem solving, thinking on your feet helping people and taking initiative
  • enjoy investigating why things work, not just how they work
  • enjoy building solutions for other Xeros in order to remove pain points and make their lives easier

Product designers

Product designers come up with all the features. We think about how people use Xero, and then come up with the most creatively enjoyable experiences possible. Curious and clever? We’d love to meet you.

Closed for 2019
What we do

As grads in our product design team you’ll get to think about the entire Xero experience; from how to make customers’ lives better, all the way down to the tiniest interface details. Our team are the ones interested in how someone uses a design, not just the look of a button or screen.

You’ll be responsible for the interaction design of Xero’s online accounting software, defining the interface architecture, workflow and the visual design of the software.

As a tight team, we challenge each others’ ideas to make the software as helpful and easy as possible. We throw around ideas and designs with customers, engineers, researchers, writers and product managers, and prototype experiences quickly.


You need to be a great listener, who can ask questions and put yourself in other people’s shoes. You have an analytical side and a knack for crafting beautiful user experiences.

Ideally you’ll:

  • have a design degree, including digital, visual communications, graphic, industrial and media design
  • be able to use Sketch
  • be an excellent communicator, team player and problem solver who can take a logical, analytical approach while being user focused
  • be creative, agile, motivated and passionate
  • be someone who likes to question the status quo and take initiative

Hub creatives

The Hub is Xero’s internal design and creative agency. We tell the Xero story to the world in a way that people love and understand. If you like making beautiful things that people connect with, come create.

Closed for 2019
What we do

As a grad in our creative hub, you’ll have plenty of projects to get involved in. You might be cracking an advertising campaign, crafting visual and interactive designs for the Xero website or writing compelling content. Whatever your speciality, you’ll get to flex your creative muscles with us.

As a cloud-based software company, digital is a pretty big part of our job. However, we do go offline when creating advertising campaigns, collateral and hosting events. You might even end up creating the material for next year’s grad campaign. Whatever you’re working on, you’ll get to soak up the experience of our creative hub and be the champion of how the world sees Xero.


If you’re the kind of person who thinks form and function go hand in hand, or think words have the power to change perception, you’ll fit right in.

Ideally you’ll:

  • have either a design degree that includes digital, visual communications, graphic, and media design, or a communications or arts degree with a focus on writing
  • be able to use the Adobe Creative Suite and Sketch (if you’re applying to be a grad designer)
  • be an excellent communicator, team player and problem solver who can take a logical, analytical and user-focused approach
  • be a creative, agile, motivated and passionate person who likes to question the status quo and take initiative

There are no grad Hub roles for 2019, but keep an eye out for 2020.

Data analysts

Our data and analytics team give Xero direction. We know how to look at numbers, to guide the company on what we should be doing more and less of. You’ll be one of our super insightful and influential folk.

Closed for 2019
What we do

As a grad you’ll get to work across the whole spectrum of data and analytics including sourcing, warehousing, business intelligence, analytics and data science.

A day in our world is never boring. One day you might be building and maintaining data warehouses, the next day writing code to build data flows. From developing dashboards to making sense of the huge datasets available to Xero.

At the heart of what we do is collaborating with teams, so they can use data to achieve their goals. You might move to a new data platform to make the most of the cloud, or look at how customers are using Xero to improve their experience. It could be helping the CX team to resolve customer questions, or figuring out how to optimise marketing spend. Our smarts can always be smarter.


You’ve got to be curious, and you’ve got to love how data and analytics can satisfy that curiosity. You’ll get a kick out of understanding Xero and like working in small teams to tackle large challenges.

Ideally you’ll:

  • have a degree in statistics, mathematics, computer science or data science
  • have some experience with statistical software and data-centric languages such as SQL, R, and Python
  • have an understanding of the key concepts of data mining, statistical modelling and data visualisation
  • enjoy working collaboratively, learning from others and sharing your experiences

Agile team facilitators

The agile team facilitators help our teams tick. We help teams understand what it means to be Agile and to implement efficient and effective software development practices. If “The 5 Dysfunctions Of a Team” is your idea of bedtime story, let’s talk.

Closed for 2019
What we do

We create an environment in which Pods or project groups can thrive by helping them focus on outcomes, put customers at the centre and deliver value quickly.

As a grad in the agile team you’ll get to work with the Pods day-in-day-out to improve their delivery processes, remove barriers and facilitate effective workshops and ceremonies. You’ll also come up with opportunities for teams and product owners to perform at their best.

Our approach to agility is grounded in practice and focused on delivery, but we’re always looking for ways to improve. At the end of the day, we just want our teams to love what they do, and love doing it together.


As someone who loves working with people, you’ll have top notch communication skills, love solving problems and understand what drives team success. We’re keen to meet grads from all walks of life.

Ideally you’ll:

  • have an agile mindset and understand the principles that underpin the Lean-Agile approach to work
  • be growing your capabilities in facilitating, coaching and/or training
  • have a good grasp of modern software development practices and lifecycle
  • be self aware, resilient, motivated and empathetic with great interpersonal skills