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Spotlight Reporting

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Spotlight Reporting offers accountants and business owners the opportunity to create easy, great-looking performance reports, dashboards, forecasts and consolidations.

Spotlight Reporting offers accountants and business owners the opportunity to create easy, great-looking performance reports, dashboards, forecasts and consolidations.

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About Spotlight Reporting

Spotlight Reporting is Xero's #1 reporting and forecasting app and was App Partner of the Year award winner in 2015 and 2016. Spotlight Reporting was built by progressive accountants, for progressive accountants and is a preferred choice of the Big 4 and leading progressive accounting firms around the world.

Spotlight Reporting offers a great range of comprehensive performance reports, full three-way forecasting, customisable dashboards and advanced consolidated reports for multi-entity businesses and franchises. Our software empowers accountants to have great conversations with their clients and to add value to the relationship.

The Spotlight suite of tools are ideal for accounting firms, business owners, CFOs, franchises, and non-profits seeking greater clarity and insights. In addition, Spotlight adopts a partnership model with customers, providing a dedicated Customer Success Specialist for onboarding and growth, thought leadership and training resources and a Support team that operates 24/7 around the globe.

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Spotlight Reporting + Xero

Spotlight Reporting seamlessly integrates with Xero enabling accountants and businesses to import actual and budget data from Xero with the click of a button. The integration unlocks all functionality available in Spotlight, including unique features such as industry templates, Action Plans, Cashflow Forecasting, Executive Summaries, advanced consolidations with multi-currency and intercompany eliminations, etc.

Spotlight Reporting also integrates with Xero HQ. Alerts in Xero HQ can help accountants to become more proactive, reminding them to produce and deliver Spotlight reports or to provide helpful product information. You can add in other data to Spotlight reports via WorkflowMax, EXCEL and Google Analytics, as well as add in your own non-financial KPI information as well.

Getting started

To connect Spotlight Reporting to Xero:
1) In Spotlight Reporting, add your organisation.
2) Select Xero as your data source.
3) When you're taken to the Xero page, log in and select the particular Xero organisation, click ‘Allow access’.
4) You will be redirected to our Import page where you can enter the applicable data date range, then click Import to import Xero data.

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Spotlight Reporting + Xero HQ

When the Xero HQ activity feed is integrated with Spotlight Reporting, you’ll be in even more sync with your clients. Not only can you take advantage of the reporting, dashboard or forecasting prowess of Spotlight, you’ll also know when reports have been created without leaving Xero HQ.

Getting started

To connect Spotlight Reporting to Xero HQ:

  1. In Spotlight Reporting, go to Practice Settings and select the Xero HQ Tab.
  2. Select connect to Xero HQ.
  3. Log in to Xero HQ and select your Practice, then click Allow Access.


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