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Equipment rental software used by B2B and B2C rentals. Features include Web Store, POS, Asset Tracking and more.

Equipment rental software used by B2B and B2C rentals. Features include Web Store, POS, Asset Tracking and more.

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About EZRentOut

EZRentOut is an online rental software that enables rental businesses to manage items, orders, customers, and invoices all from one centralized space. Any rental business that sells or rents out equipment - whether it’s a party rental, equipment rental, or a construction rental business - can use our app to increase productivity, identify bottlenecks, measure employee performance, and lower costs across the board.

We enable businesses to track equipment through asset labels, manage conflict-free reservations, and streamline procurement and maintenance - with all of this being customizable so it fits their workflows, whatever the industry. Our integrations with Xero and a variety of payment gateways enable businesses to stay on top of their accounting and get paid on time, every time! Our equipment rental software comes with the EZRentOut Webstore, a customer portal, as well as a free mobile app that makes the rental process that much easier for both you and our customers - whether you're renting out tents for events, or diggers for construction companies!

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EZRentOut + Xero

EZRentOut’s Xero Integration helps you manage your accounts and equipment rentals at the same time, with information from one platform syncing over to the other seamlessly. We sync financial transaction data such as invoices, payments, and taxes in addition to syncing customer details for simplified book-keeping.

Our Xero integration gives you a lot of flexibility! You can sync orders depending on their state, enforce administrator approval before payment, use your preferred invoice sequence numbers, and sync invoices of individuals directly to their business accounts in Xero. Our rental software Xero integration grants you more control and visibility into your rental and sales accounts - all from the cloud!

Getting started

Getting started with the EZRentOut Xero integration is easy! Simply sign in to your EZRentOut account, and click the ‘Connect to Xero’ button under Settings. You can find more details here: https://blog.ezrentout.com/xero/

Next, you can simply choose the default Xero accounts to which your sales and payment details will be synced, configure your taxes, and you're good to go! The blog above takes you through detailed set-up instructions, a first-timer’s walkthrough, and additional information on which of your details are synced and when.

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