Retail dreams come true

The old cash register is a lovely antique, but no way to run a store these days. Now, with any laptop, tablet or smartphone, you have a simple yet sophisticated retail system.

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There's an app for that

Simple apps like Vend, Shopify and Xero make it incredibly easy to get going, just by logging in.

Unlike traditional retail systems, these apps connect together, coordinating both your offline and online sales, customer details and inventory items.


Your online store, plus it handles shipping

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Your POS for in-store sales & inventory

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Organises all your sales, bills & banking


Cashflow is automated

Staying on top of cashflow is the ultimate key to success.

Xero imports your sales from Vend & Shopify, connects to your bank to get all your bank transactions, plus it handles your bills & expenses to give you a firm grip on your daily cashflow.

The best retail system - ever

You won't find a better retail system. This solution is remarkably easy to setup, it costs a fraction of traditional retail systems and it automatically keeps everything up-to-date.

And that's a dream come true.

Xero has really cut my accounting time by 80%. It gives me goosebumps thinking about all that extra time I have.

Bridget Labus

Co-founder of Sixth Course