Ready, steady, go to end of financial year

As you head into the busiest time of the year, take a moment to check out the webinars, guides and checklists below – all designed to help with a smooth close and prepare for setting new clients up on Xero in 2021.

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Set clients up for success in the new year

The financial year end, when you’ve got your clients’ finances in order, is the best time to start thinking about switching them to Xero and cloud accounting. Once you’ve closed off your clients’ books for the year, it’s easier to prepare the old data for transition into the new accounting software without doubling your workload.

It’s best to have an early conversation with your clients  about switching, so you have enough time to set up Xero for them. Changing accounting software can seem like a daunting task, but we’re here to help.

Move your practice and clients to Xero in 3 simple steps

Step 1: Build a paperless practice in the new year

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Step 2: Adapt your approach to different clients

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Step 3: Build a smooth transition plan to migrate clients

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Build a paperless practice in the new year

The cloud is the future - when you move to service 100% of your clients on the cloud, your practice enjoys the productivity-boosting benefits which help you and your clients to thrive in the long-term.

Adapting your approach to different clients

By grouping your clients based on their acceptance of new technology, you can approach the topic differently with them. These resources will help you to plan, have conversations with clients, and help them understand how cloud accounting is beneficial in the long term.

Building a smooth transition plan to migrate your clients

It’s important for your practice to be prepared for moving clients to a new accounting software so your clients can depend on you. Here are some resources to help you get started on building suitable transition plans for different clients and don’t forget to tap on Xero tools to migrate your clients easier and more effectively.

Helping your clients succeed on Xero

Once you have successfully migrated your clients to Xero, help them get started so they can maximise the value they get out of Xero.

Help your clients navigate through Xero

Your clients may be new to Xero and would love to gain some Xero knowledge. Here are 12 key features for them to be familiar with that will help them manage their finances more easily than ever.

Understand the basics

Bite-sized videos for your client’s first time tasks in Xero

Watch a series of bite-sized videos that are created to help small businesses get through some of their first time tasks in Xero, including uploading a file in Xero and creating an online invoice or bill.

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Recommend apps to further automate your client’s workflow

Xero is integrated with over 800 apps that serve business functions including payroll and inventory. Recommend the right suite of apps to your clients with our series of app playbooks relevant for the different industries.

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Xero tools that make financial year end beautifully easy

Automate your manual bookkeeping tasks

Gain access to up-to-date business financials with Hubdoc. Easily get bills and receipts into Xero so you can match transactions to the Xero bank feed.

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Reconcile your bank transactions in just a few clicks

Connect to your bank so transactions flow automatically into Xero each business day, allowing you to reconcile large numbers of transactions quickly.

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Stay on top of your numbers

With easy-to-use financial reporting tools, generate reports whenever you need them. Report layouts can be customised to suit the needs of different businesses. 

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Make the most of the Xero partner programme

As a Xero partner, we have tools and resources to support you and make your practice even more successful. Don’t forget your entitlements as a Xero partner that will help your practice gain wider exposure and more potential clients for this financial year-end.

  • Manage all your client’s information, jobs and staff activities on Xero HQ.

  • Earn acknowledgement as a Xero certified advisor and use Xero partner badges to promote your practice.

  • Receive support from your dedicated account manager and access firm-wide partner consulting services.

  • Generate more leads for your practice by listing your practice on the Xero advisor directory once you’re a bronze partner.

  • Attain silver partner status level and above, and gain access to up to US$5,000 per year to market Xero and your practice.

If you are from a small business, check out our resource hub that contains webinars, self-paced courses and checklists curated to help you manage this end of financial year.

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