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Register as an employer

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Register as an employer

Once you’ve got an idea of the type of position you’re looking to fill, and have an understanding of your responsibilities, it’s time to register yourself as an employer. This may take time, so start the process as early as possible.

You can find details about the registration process on your local government website. Searching for things like ‘how to register as an employer’ or ‘register to pay employees’ will lead you to the right website pages.

Then it’s just a matter of making sure you have everything you need to register, completing all the necessary forms, and ticking off each step required by the government.

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Understand employment law

The entire employment process is governed by certain laws, so understand them before you begin hiring. Speak with an employment lawyer for specific advice or check a government site to learn more about employment laws and how to comply with them.

Chapter 3: Write a job description

Want to write a job description that’ll attract the best candidates? We’ll show you how and give you ideas on getting the word out about your job opening.

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This guide is intended as general information only. Always check with a professional for advice.

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