Efficiency is about more than getting a tax return in on time. By supporting your clients to use data capture applications to digitally submit bills and receipts, you will save time and ensure up-to-date, accurate information in Xero.

Save time and do more

When your client has mastered efficiency with the help of automation, time-consuming data entry becomes a thing of the past, and the information you both need is at your fingertips. For your practice, it means less time spent on repetitive tasks, which frees up time for higher value activities. 

As seen in our Xero Pacesetters report, they’re saving 89 hours per client per year on compliance work vs the average UK firm when using apps to automate client data.

Key steps for efficiency

To keep cash flow running smoothly in the cloud there are three areas to focus on:



Get your client on the right Xero plan for their business


Reconcile easily with coding suggestions – you can also set up rules for matching your bank transactions automatically to invoices, bill payments and purchases


Billing and expenses through Xero and third-party apps


Hint: All of your efforts to improve efficiency will be most effective with the right bank feeds in place.



Hear from the experts

Open communication with your clients is key to a productive working relationship. Read Hubdoc's Guide to setting expectations and save unneccessary back-and-forth. 

“It’s important to get the processes right at the start. It’s about automation of data entry to make sure you get timely and accurate information – you can’t get the reporting right if you don’t have the data coming through quickly and accurately.”

– Jonathan Bareham, Raedan


Recommended apps

These apps integrate seamlessly with Xero to cover data capture for effiicient billing, invoicing and expenses.

Discover more data capture apps.

Show your clients you know cash flow

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