Here you’ll find the tools you need to nurture healthy cash flow for your clients, the right apps to use and how to promote yourself as an expert advisor.

The importance of cash flow

Keeping cash flowing is the lifeline of any business, regardless of the industry or size. 
It’s essential for promising ideas and firms to reach their full potential.

of Britain’s small business owners say managing cash flow is a key challenge
of UK small businesses were cash flow positive in September 2019
the average number of days for a UK small business invoice to be paid in September 2019

Four stages of cash flow management

Get to know the best approach to putting your clients’ minds at ease by helping them understand their current cash flow, plan for the future and get paid faster.


Automating accurate data is critical to cash flow

Get more efficient


Turn data into useful insights for better performance

Build insights


Effectively manage invoices and get paid faster

Improve payments


Help your clients manage their working capital

Explore finance

Show your clients you know cash flow

Learn about cash flow then get the badge to show your clients you know your stuff. Download the playbook to look up the right mix of apps to get your clients' cash flowing.