Save checks. Print checks. Connect to Xero, find a bill to pay and print a check or have Checkeeper mail them for you.

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Print checks online in seconds

No special paper, no fancy ink, no complicated software. Print on your home or office printer today. Have your own check stock? Checkeeper works with virtually any pre-printed check stock as well.

Checkeeper gives you:

  • The ability to print on virtually any check stock

  • Flexible templates that make it easy to update your check design/layout

  • Optional fulfillment service where Checkeeper will print and mail checks for you

Helpful information about Checkeeper

Who is it for?

Checkeeper is for businesses and individuals that need to print professional business checks.

How does it work with Xero?

Pay outstanding invoices with Checkeeper and Xero is automatically updated with check payment information.

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How do you sync it with Xero?

To connect Checkeeper to Xero, simply:

  1. Go to the Addons tab inside Checkeeper.
  2. Select Xero.

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How much does it cost?

Checkeeper is only $9.99/month.

Is there a free trial?

You can try Checkeeper for free for 7 days.

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What countries does it operate in?

Checkeeper customers are global. However fulfillment services (where Checkeeper prints and mails for you) is limited to the United States and Canada.

What support does it offer?

Checkeeper support is always available through live online chat as well as email to

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