Startup Alley

XU Magazine is the independent magazine run by Xero users, for Xero users. The magazine is aimed at the 1 million strong community of Xero users, delivered free of charge worldwide in print. Keep an eye out at Xerocon for the launch of our new mobile app!

ClicData is the world’s first Data Warehouse and Reporting Platform for small and medium sized companies. The platform allows SME’s to connect and centralize all your business data in one place automatically, generate beautiful and self-refreshing dashboards for any device and for any size team, receive alerts when key metrics reach certain values, No servers, no installation, fully secure, and available in multiple regions. Connect to your Xero data and you can increase productivity and communication and save time and money with our fully automated solution.

Judgeit is an online platform designed by a lawyer for SME’s to self create court forms that set out all relevant facts. Using Judgeit's cutting edge automation technology, business owners can recover money that is owed to them in a just, quick and cheap way using the small claims court.

Billpower is a FREE app that gets small businesses paid faster by making it easier to take credit card payments. That’s why Bookkeepers and Accountants around Australia are recommending Billpower to their clients. Ready to go in 1 business day and no monthly fees.

HR Central provides services and solutions regarding all components of HR that occur in any business. We help you stay compliant with regards to your HR obligations.
HR Central’s software manages Leave, Qualifications, Policies, Procedures, Employee Documents (including Templates), and our HR Specialists help with recruitment induction, workplace investigations, training, redundancy and termination of employment. 

For more than 45 years, Australian professionals have been choosing Wolters Kluwer to help them advise their clients, run their businesses and manage their obligations. Our products and solutions combine information, expertise and technology to help facilitate practice growth and enhance client relationships.

Entrepreneurs solve the world’s biggest problems, so it’s madness investors reject 99% of startups. CapitalPitch is an Australian venture investor with a heart for positive impact and a reach far enough to be felt in every country; a tech-enabled VC and lead investor in Elite Seed and Series A stage startups. Our start-to-finish funding platform is now launching as a SaaS solution; think Xero for raising capital and investor relations.

Developed with accountant’s needs in mind, grow a new revenue stream by outsourcing your client’s R&D and EMDG claims to Nifty Grants. All claims are prepared by Government grant specialists while our customised web platform, which integrates with Xero, lets you manage the end to end relationship with your client.


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