DoughGetters Accounting

Xero Partner of the Year South Africa

Winners of Emerging Firm of the Year at the 2020 Xero Awards, DoughGetters have made incredible strides to take home the crown for Xero Partner of the Year just twelve months later — the first ever firm to achieve this in such a short space of time. 

They continued to build on the qualities that impressed judges last year — including a passion for driving change in the industry and improving the lives of small businesses — while also expanding what they can offer. “DoughGetters started their Xero journey by embracing a vision of becoming a multifaceted digital accounting business,” said Colin Timmis, Country Manager, Xero South Africa. “They fulfilled this goal by not only growing a national accounting practice footprint, but also in diversifying their service.”

The firm’s business app integration service, DoughGetters Ximple, grew significantly over the past 12 months and joined Xero’s App Integrator Directory. As a partner they share knowledge and experience with small businesses on selecting, implementing and operating third party apps. 

Judges also liked DoughGetters’ work with farming and agricultural communities, migrating producers from traditional to digital accounting systems. The firm has also played a key role in advising and implementing Xero Learn in higher education establishments to promote innovation in financial education, including at the University of Johannesburg. As part of this collaboration co-founder William Haarhoff filmed a 30-minute educational video for students. 

“They are contributing materially to the future growth of the accounting and SME community,” said Timmis.