Receipt Bank is the simplest way to get your client data into Xero! Say goodbye to chasing and data entry. Spend more time growing your business.

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Transform your bookkeeping with Receipt Bank

Receipt Bank extracts the information from your clients’ receipts and invoices quickly, accurately and efficiently. With Receipt Bank’s superb integration, all your client data flows straight into Xero with no chasing and no data entry.

Receipt Bank gives you:

  • Instant item submission: Your clients can submit items on the go with our award-winning app, or forward digital invoices to a custom email address.

  • Quick, accurate data extraction: Receipt Bank extracts the data from your clients’ items with the highest accuracy of any cloud tool.

  • Xero matching: Automatically match submitted invoices and receipts to your bank feed in Xero to save even more time on bank reconciliation.

  • Automatic publishing: Set up auto publish to automatically send your receipts and invoices over to your Xero account as soon as they’re ready.

  • Secure storage: Know that your invoices and receipts are stored safely and securely, in compliance with the requirements of tax authorities globally.

  • Instant workflow visibility: Track your deadlines, workload and efficiency in one simple bookkeeping dashboard, the Receipt Bank Practice Platform.

Receipt Bank + Xero

Receipt Bank seamlessly integrates with Xero to provide a near real-time view of your accounts. Receipt Bank’s software extracts the information from your invoices and receipts and publishes it directly into Xero.


How do you sync with Xero?

To connect Receipt Bank to Xero:

1. Log in to your Receipt Bank web account.

2. In Account Settings, select Integration, then click Choose integration.

3. Select Xero Online and follow the steps.

Receipt Bank + Xero HQ

The Xero HQ activity feed integration makes bookkeeping practically effortless. Alerts for overdue work, client inbox limits, or old receipts can all be customised in Xero HQ. You’re also made aware of any client messages, right from inside Xero HQ.

How do you sync with Xero HQ?

To connect Receipt Bank to Xero HQ:

1.  In Receipt Bank, navigate to Settings.

2.  Select Connect to Xero HQ.

3.  Log in to Xero HQ, select your practice, then click Allow Access.

Helpful information about Receipt Bank

Who is Receipt Bank for?

The combination of Receipt Bank and Xero is a perfect solution for accountants and bookkeepers who want to increase their efficiency, grow their practice, and create and delight their clients.

What countries does it operate in?

Receipt Bank operates globally, working with over 5000 leading accounting and bookkeeping firms, and hundreds of thousands of small businesses.

How much does it cost?

Receipt Bank offers unlimited data extraction for as many clients as you need, for a fixed monthly price. For pricing information tailored to your practice, just get in touch below.

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Is there a free trial?

Your clients can try Receipt Bank free for 14 days.

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receipt bank are winners

Xerocon UK 2015 – Add-on of the Year

Xerocon Australia 2014 – Add-on Partner of the Year, Cross-Industry

Xerocon UK 2013 – Add-on Partner of the Year

Xerocon Australia 2013 – Add-on Partner of the Year

Xerocon UK 2012 – Add-on Partner of the Year


Rated5out of5

“Receipt Bank is just the best bookkeeping solution I have come across and enabled me to reinvent my business. Combine it with Xero and you have a perfect bookkeeping integrated solution. No more data entry, no more shoe boxes. I LOVE IT!”

Rated5out of5

“Every bookkeeper and accounting firm should be using Receipt Bank. End of story.”

Rated5out of5

“It has saved us so much time, and we don't miss sorting through all that paperwork at the most hectic time of year!


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