Help your clients drive profitability and gain full visibility with Xero Projects

Perfect for your small professional services and trade clients, Xero Projects is the simple, mobile-friendly and real-time project management tool right in Xero.

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Make managing jobs and projects a breeze

  • Accurately invoice every time with easy-to-use time tracking and job costing tools.

  • Create fixed price, time and materials, or progress payment invoices.

  • Gain the insights to succeed, by seeing trends and patterns based on up-to-the minute information.

  • Work from anywhere with Xero Projects for mobile on iOS and Android.


“With Xero Projects I can actually see where my time and money goes. It blew me away exactly how much time I wasn't charging people for, and how much the ‘free things’ I do actually cost me!”

– Fiona Woon, Bookkeeper, Financial Systems Solutions

How accountant and bookkeeping firms use Xero Projects

How Xero Projects helped a bookkeeper become more profitable

Fiona Woon emerged from completely snowed under to managing her time efficiently, saving hundreds of hours.

Read all about it (PDF 0.2MB)

Case Study Fiona Woon

How time management helped a busy artist/bookkeeper streamline and increase efficiency

Xero Projects gave Cheryl Fintock a bird's-eye view of both her businesses and helped her concentrate her efforts.

Read all about it (PDF 0.3MB)

Case Study Austin

How to get started with Xero Projects

Setup online invoicing
Identify the right clients

Xero Projects is perfect for small businesses in professional services and trade that require a simple job and cost tracking solution. For bigger businesses that require more functionality, we offer WorkflowMax.

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Add payment options
Become an expert

Learn all of the ins and outs of Xero Projects by completing the course, Managing Projects. It’s self-paced and easy to follow so you and your staff will be experts in no time.

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Add payment options
Get rewarded

Earn partner points with Xero Projects to reach the next status level faster. Each paying client earns you 1.5 points, or 1 point where you pay the subscription. Plus you earn 5 points if your practice uses Xero Projects.

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Projects is evolving to meet your clients' needs

Xero Projects - connecting to more of Xero

With the new Xero Payroll and Xero Projects integration you can now load time recorded in a project directly into Xero Payroll, avoiding duplication.

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Even better time reporting

We're pleased to announce the release of two new features to help you visualise and analyse the time spent on your projects.

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Clock in and out with the new timer on mobile

With the release of the new timer in Xero Projects for iOS and Android, you can now easily record your time in a few simple taps.

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Set up Xero Projects

If you hold the Xero subscription for your client

Simply log in to Xero, go to your client's information, and select the Projects tab to get started.

If your client holds the Xero subscription

Advise your client to log in to Xero, and go to the Projects tab. We suggest emailing them this support article as a guide so they get it right first time.

First month free for unlimited users

Existing organisations can use Xero Projects free of charge for a month. After that, it's billed monthly and includes one active user. You only pay for additional users who are active in that month. See the full pricing here.

Xero Projects is free for your practice

To start using Xero Projects for your practice, log in to your Xero practice and navigate to the Projects tab. Xero Projects is available to you as a benefit of the partner program.

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