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Chapter 8

How to sell your product online

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How to sell your product online

Thinking of adding an online storefront to your bricks-and-mortar shop? Or perhaps you’d like to go completely digital? Growing your business online widens your reach, allowing you to sell to more customers in diverse locations. If you sell your products or services solely online, you’ll eliminate the costs of operating and maintaining a physical store.

Here are the steps to take to sell your product or service online.


Research is key in the planning stage, so get educated on online selling. These questions can help get you started:

  • What do customers want to buy online? How do they want to buy it?

  • How do customers want to be marketed to?

  • Do you want to sell on an existing ecommerce platform or integrate that platform into your current website to get you up and running quickly? Or do you want to build your own online store using ecommerce website builders so you can have more control?

  • What are the costs of shipping your products? How will you handle the logistics of it?

  • How are your competitors promoting and selling their products or services online?

Think of planning as a discovery phase. You might find out that selling all your products or services online is the way to go, or it might make sense to sell only part of what you offer. You might even realise that online selling isn’t right for you. Whatever you choose, take your time to do some research and create a plan for growing your business on the web.


Your brand is your identity – from your logo and colour palette to the look and feel of your website. It’s what makes you you, so keep it consistent.

When selling online, you want customers to associate your brand with your products or services. Part of that involves writing product descriptions. Here’s an example of how to win at selling your brand:

How to sell your product online
How to sell your product online


In order to sell your products or services, you want to drive traffic to your website. To do this, it pays to use multiple channels and tactics to market your business.

How to sell your product online


For online selling to be effective, you need to provide a convenient and user-friendly shopping experience. Make the selling process as easy and painless as possible with these helpful tips:

How to sell products online

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