A complete cloud based property management software solution, designed for successful property owners and property managers.

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Take control of your property portfolio on one screen. Anywhere. Anytime.

Increase efficiency by automating your tasks, so you can focus on growing your property portfolio.  Managing multiple systems, locations, tenancies and properties can be challenging – Re-Leased puts all of your key information in one place.

Break free from the chains of desktop software and expensive servers. Re-Leased property management software is cloud-based, which means you can access your work anywhere, anytime.  With alerts, reminders, automated workflows and instant reporting, we’ve designed intuitive software that simplifies complex tasks, so you can focus on scaling your business. 

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Re-Leased gives you...

  • Save time spent on dreaded admin tasks.

  • Reduce mistakes by eliminating duplicate entries.

  • Improve communication across teams. Our cloud-based software lets you work on and share documents on the move.

  • Increase productivity with our intelligent automations. Automatically generate and send invoices.

  • Plan ahead by centralising your key financial data and documents. Re-Leased lets you view it all from one place.

Helpful information about Re-leased

Who is it for?

Private property investors managing their own property portfolios. Re-Leased property software is the only cloud system that truly handles commercial properties and opex budgets.

How do Re-Leased and Xero work together?

Integrating Re-Leased with Xero is a breeze. Tenant data and financial accounts are instantly synchronised, saving you admin time and eliminating double handling.


How does Re-Leased sync with Xero?

Take advantage of Re-Leased property software’s two-way integration with Xero. Simply, click on the “Integrations” tab and follow the prompts to sync your data between Re-Leased and Xero.

How much does Re-Leased cost?

Pricing varies depending on property portfolio type and size. 

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Is there a free trial?

A free trial can be given after speaking to a member from the Re-Leased team.

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What regions does Re-Leased operate in?

Re-Leased property software is global.

What support does Re-Leased offer?

Re-Leased offer support during business hours through online chat and our ticketing system – they strive to provide a solution within 3 hours.

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Rated5out of5

We have used Re-Leased & Xero exclusively for 6 months and the two systems integrate seamlessly to form the cornerstone of our property management and accounting. The support & training offered have been second to none and we have been able to streamline our office processes and improve our Tenant service. The cloud functionality is superb.

Rated5out of5

Nothing beats an industry written software that works. Thanks Re-Leased for sharing this with other landlords. Multi floor plate tenants, R&M control and especially like the dashboard

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