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Get Xero working with FreshBooks. Automatically sync your invoices, payments, and products.

Get Xero working with FreshBooks. Automatically sync your invoices, payments, and products.

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About OneSaaS for Freshbooks

Get your Xero account connected with FreshBooks and save valuable time by automating your workflow. OneSaas lets thousands of small, medium and enterprise customers of our app developer partners integrate all the apps they use for business to work together from order placed in sales channel then an invoice and product will be created or updated in accounting, followed by creating customer in accounting. Order will be sent to warehouse for fulfilment, then shipping tracking will be sent back to sales channel and stock levels will be updated and order/invoice status and payments will be updated. OneSaas ensures the apps (Accounting, Billing & Invoice, CRM, Ecommerce, Email Marketing, Fulfillment and Point of Sale) they use to run their business happily work together.

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OneSaaS for Freshbooks + Xero

When a contact is created or updated in Xero, client will be created or updated in FreshBooks and when an expense is created in FreshBooks, the vendor will be created and purchase invoice in Xero.

Create an invoice as Draft or Sent in FreshBooks
Associate the invoice with the Original Customer, the Customer's Organization or a single Online Sale Customer
Create the associated products and associated payments
Create the item in FreshBooks

Getting started

With OneSaas, you're able to setup your complete integration between FreshBooks and Xero within minutes using our simple setup process.

1. Connect
2. Configure
3. Retrieve & Validate
4. Preview
5. Send & Finish
6. Example Data

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