Xero App Partner of the Year 2016. Chaser automates and improves your credit control, getting you paid faster and saving you time. The perfect complement to your finance team.

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Transform your credit control with Chaser

Chaser is the world’s leading credit control software. Chaser provides the tools and insights to effectively automate chasing your customers to pay their invoices. Our credit control software is the perfect complement to your finance team.

Chaser gives you:

  • Save: on average 7.3 hours per week on credit control.

  • Boost: your cashflow by £21,900 for each £500,000 of turnover through an average 16 debtor day reduction.

  • Templates: the basis for the automatic email chasers you send out and completely customisable by you, to reflect your personal style. You can automatically attach copy invoices or statements to your email chasers preventing delays from customers requesting them in order to make payment.

  • Schedules: set your templates to be sent out as email chasers at different points before and after an invoice due date. Increase escalation by sending from or to more senior individuals in the company.

  • Thank you: once payment is received, you can send thanks for paying messages to build relational goodwill with your customers.

  • Personalisation: make the email chasers that you send look and feel like the emails you would send manually. Your email chasers are sent from an address that reflects the regular email address you use and add your signature to the bottom of your email chasers to match your normal one. Chasing multiple invoices in the same email chaser avoids the red flag of automation.

  • Insights: inform you how well or badly your customers are paying you and how best to chase them. You automatically have a log of all email chasers sent and any replies received in respect of an invoice, saving you from searching through your inbox should you need to make a call.

Helpful information about Chaser

Who is it for?

Chaser is your finance team’s best friend. It’s for organisations that appreciate credit control as a necessary business function deserving of an optimised, automated process to improve their ability to get invoices paid on time.

If you are an accountant or bookkeeper, our Partner Program is designed to benefit both you and your clients. You can earn up to 30% of your clients subscription fee when you introduce them to Chaser!

How does it work with Xero?

Chaser pulls through a copy of your ledger from Xero, so it knows which invoices to chase.

It collects information about each invoice to include in your chasing emails, ensuring your customer has all the information they need to make the payment. You can even include a ‘payable here’ link.

Chaser also gathers customer contact information from Xero. So there’s no manual data entry at any point in the process.

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How do you sync it with Xero?

It’s quick to build a secure connection between your Xero and Chaser accounts.

  1. When you set up your Chaser organisation, you’ll be directed to your Xero login page.
  2. Log in to Xero, choose the appropriate organisation and click Authorise.
  3. Chaser then starts chasing unpaid invoices. It automatically refreshes each time you log in, right before your chasers are due to send, and every 24 hours. So as long as your Xero account is up-to-date, so is Chaser.

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How much does it cost?

After your free trial, Chaser offers a monthly subscription based on the number of invoices you choose to chase each month.

Find a subscription plan to suit you.

Is there a free trial?

You can try Chaser for free. No credit card required.​

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What countries does it operate in?

Chaser operates around the globe.

What support does it offer?

Chaser prides itself on the brilliant support offered to users.

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chaser are winners

Xero App Partner of the Year 2016

Future 50 Friends to Business Award 2015

Future 50 Britain’s most disruptive businesses

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Rated5out of5

Chaser is awesome! - our debtors are under tight control for the first time in 60 plus years. The Chaser to Xero integration is seamless and the functionality of Chaser is upgraded in real time. Team time saving is amazing and our cash flow has been greatly improved.

Rated5out of5

Chaser is awesome. It has made a huge difference to our cash collection, it lowers staff stress levels, helps us build better relationships with our customers (everyone who pays gets a thank you!) and brings in the money 43% faster.

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