EzzyBills, the first invoice processing system that uses Deep Learning. It is 100% automatic. Upload or email your invoices and receipts to EzzyBills, they will be in your Xero account in seconds. Support both purchases and sales, scanned files or PDF. Line items and GL codes. 30 days Free Trial.

Arthur Online simplifies property management, the suite of apps and web allows users to manage their portfolio’s from anywhere in the world in real time. The Arthur-Xero integration is a ‘best of breed’ approach to ensure powerful and comprehensive accounting. It allows you to produce powerful financial reports and forecasting

Infoodle serves the Charity, Church and Community group sector with a CRM and Donor Management system. Based in New Zealand serving clients around the globe. Infoodle features include Gift Aid, full Xero integration, Donor management, Comprehensive CRM with event, volunteer and documentation management. No Set up or support fees, free training.

XU Magazine is the independent magazine run by Xero users, for Xero users. The magazine is aimed at the 1 million strong community of Xero users, delivered free of charge worldwide in print. Keep an eye out at Xerocon for the launch of our new mobile app!

CaFE helps accountants and bookkeepers monitor their clients’ cash position by using data in Xero to highlight those facing an impending cash shortfall. Avoiding action can then be taken before it becomes critical. A fee of £5 per month per client is charged, of which £2 goes to you.

A2X makes it easy for businesses to account accurately for their Amazon marketplace sales. With A2X’s automated Amazon settlement accounting, Amazon merchants and their accountants save time every month, avoiding the headaches caused by the complexity and volume of Amazon transaction data, and enjoying reconciled accrual accounting for Amazon sales.

Movemybooks is an accounting data conversion service, allowing you to take your existing information with you when you move to Xero from other software. Our online process is easy, quick and accurate. We support conversions from Sage, QuickBooks and Exact. Movemybooks provides a seamless transition when you move to Xero.

Pleo is a business spending solution that offers smart payment cards for employees, enabling them to buy the things they need for work, while giving companies full control and visibility of all company spending in real-time. Connect Pleo directly with Xero and finally say goodbye to petty cash, expense reports and paper receipts.

Smart Pension is the only tech-led Master Trust in the UK, making the proposition truly unique within the marketplace, delivering a seamless end-to-end experience. With thousands of satisfied employers, advisers and employees now using the platform, we know we offer the best workplace pension solution available in the UK. Try it now…. It’s free!

Other tools report. Fluidly understands. Meet the first generation of Intelligent Cashflow technology – learning from transactions to highlight threats, maximise opportunities and transform finance. Boost cash coming into your business using smart credit control powered by AI. Forecast and protect your cashflow. It’s time for brains as well as beauty.

Expend is creating the world’s best expense and company payment solution. We love Xero and we've built a first-class integration for individuals and teams. Pay with your Expend card and forget about receipts, reimbursements, and unnecessary paperwork. Get on with the work that really matters. Made with love in London. Come see us and help shape the future of expense management.

Basecone makes the lives of accountants and bookkeepers easier. It’s where Accounting Magic Happens. Invoices and receipts can be easily uploaded, reviewed, approved and booked in real time into Xero. All documents online available - anywhere, anytime. Flat fee rates for unlimited processing. Try our free trial now.

ExcluServ combine accounting knowledge with years of integration experience to give you leading edge API-led software integration, that truly delivers what your operational and accounting teams need. Connectors with other online services have been developed for Xero, including for Concur and Salesforce.

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