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Xerocon in Practice #3

"What we think influences our actions or our inactions. So we have to be responsible for every thought we have." - Gill Hicks

Changing the way you think can allow your practice to grow.

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Mark Manson

"Focus on fewer things and do them really well - in business and in life. Focus on less information and higher relevance. Less is more."
- Mark Manson

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Gill Hicks

"I don’t get to control life’s events, but what I can control is how I react and respond. It’s very easy to fall into the sabotaging ideas of ‘what if?’"
- Gill Hicks

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Trent Innes

"99% of what we do for our customers, and of what you do for your clients, is invisible. It’s about that extra 1% that gets noticed."
- Trent Innes

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Rachael Powell

"When you have purpose in your heart, this has a ripple effect through your organisation, your brand and ultimately your customers."
- Rachael Powell

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We're heading back to Brisbane!

We’ll be heading back to Brisbane for Xerocon 2019 on the 4th and 5th of September.

We also have some exciting things in the works for Day Xero (3 September) to be bigger and better than ever! To be kept in the loop on ‘whats new’ and when tickets are released, register your interest below.

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Xerocon In Practice action plan

Your Xerocon in Practice action plan

Take everything that has inspired you over your Xerocon experience and get ready to put it into practice with our action plan. Print it out, share it with staff and find your "motivation mojo".

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