Xero Virtual Roadshow Asia 2022: One step ahead

Join us for an online edition of Asia Roadshow on 8 Nov to connect with industry leaders and discover the latest trends.

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What’s on at Xero Virtual Roadshow Asia 2022

Competitiveness and resilience

As we transition to the “new” digital world, it’s important to build competitiveness and resilience for your practice by staying across the latest in the industry and in Xero.

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    Find out about the latest Xero product updates
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    Go further for your practice and clients with Xero app partners
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    Boost your employer branding and client loyalty

The answers to your Xero questions

Get the opportunity to hear from amazing speakers and our friendly Xero staff will be online to answer your burning questions about Xero.

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Be inspired by thought leadership keynotes

Our content is created for accountants and bookkeepers. Get insights, tips and tricks for a greater impact on your practice and clients’ success.

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Xero Virtual Roadshow Asia 2022 lineup

Koren Wines, Xero’s Managing Director for Asia, is kicking off the Asia Roadshow with a year-in-review and the future vision of Xero. Join us as we celebrate milestones, discuss the state of the nation, latest accounting industry trends and hear first-hand exciting new announcements.

In this session, Daniel Hustler, Education Manager of Xero Asia, will bring you through a recap of top product releases of 2022 and what’s coming. Catch some of the new Xero features in action so you can leverage on the enhanced Xero products in your day-to-day client and accounting workflow.

An integrated ecosystem can improve efficiency and productiveness for your practice and clients. In this session, let’s dive into the industry trends that we’ve seen and identify real, tangible next steps for you to begin your journey with Xero’s connected platform.

An employer brand is important to protect in times of both boom and bust. Learn how to retain talent, attract the right candidate and reboot your employer branding from the inside out.

It’s important to put client experience at the centre of your practice as good reviews from your clients can go a long way. Discover how a few simple changes can turn things around and help your practice unlock stability, growth and profitability.

Coming to you on 8 November

Join us to discover the new in accounting, what’s new in Xero, and how we work with you in partnership to take your practice forward.

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