"Everything is very professional looking, unlike many other solutions for small businesses."

COLIN LANGE, Monaco Lange

Before Xero, what did you use?

We used QuickBooks – sort of.

What problems did you have with your old accounting system?

The biggest hurdles were:

  • We're a completely Macintosh office and QuickBooks is only supported as a desktop application on the Mac, which eliminated our ability to decentralize the accounting workload.
  • QuickBooks was difficult to get my team to commit to using; they found it "too much of an accounting" system, which means nothing ever got updated until I did it.

How did these problems affect your business?

Our accounting didn't provide the necessary information to correctly manage the business - it wasn't up to date. Knowing our real cash position was only possible through me doing all of the accounting work to update QuickBooks or sending the work to our accountant, who would take a month to update the books.

What made you decide to use Xero? Did you try out any other solutions?

Several things:

  • SaaS – I really like the idea of a centrally accessed and backed up service that is continually updated
  • The interface and ease of use
  • The ease of adoptability by my partners and staff to help share the accounting burden
  • The "good looking" output of reports and invoices – everything is very professional looking, unlike many other solutions for small businesses

What was your experience when switching and getting started with Xero?

Fairly painless. We decided not to bring in all of our historical data, but instead start "clean" with Jan 2009. It took a few months (mostly waiting for our Accountant to provide 2008 trial balances) to get everything updated. I did like, however, that I could use the system even though the conversion dates were not yet entered. That really helped me move forward with it, instead of waiting.

How has Xero improved your business?

It has given us a tool that allows me to decentralize the accounting, while maintaining control. It has helped us to be much more organized and close our cash cycle, which is critical in the current (US) economic environment. It has allowed us to provide better reporting internally and to our clients and our lenders.

Visit Colin's website at www.monacolange.com

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