How Polay + Clark used Xero and Hubdoc to become more flexible

When Tate Henshaw joined Polay + Clark, the firm was reliant on long-winded, manual processes that created confusion, chaos and a lack of flexibility. Find out how bringing Xero and Hubdoc on board allowed them to dramatically improve their workflow.

Taking care of business on the go

Tate Henshaw’s background in math and music made him the perfect fit for Polay + Clark, a boutique accounting firm that specializes in musicians, entertainers and professional sportspeople.

“Getting a math degree was one of the best choices I ever made because it teaches you how to solve problems,” says Tate. “And while I was at university I played in a band with some friends and managed the business side of that.”

So when he came across an internship at what was then Polay Financial Management, Tate was quick to apply. Knowing how the music industry worked was a leg up for him, as was his natural aptitude for problem solving. He was put to work immediately on a project to standardise the company’s data. 

“They gave me a huge spreadsheet that was out of control and asked me to figure it out,” he says. “It took me a couple of days to streamline it – I think they thought it was going to keep me busy for a lot longer.”

The mess of spreadsheets and manual processes was what dominated the team’s workflow. Tate remembers the chaos and confusion that existed even when trying to do small administrative tasks.

“Receipts would be mailed in, taped to sheets of paper,” he says. “Account managers would scan them and spend hours checking them against desktop accounting software.”

As a firm that specializes in working with creative clients who are often travelling or on tour, the lack of flexibility and transparency meant things weren’t running as smoothly as they could have been. 

And when Lorne Clark came on board in 2015, he brought with him clients from the professional sports industry and an eagerness to try out Xero.

“Lorne was going to be travelling a lot and still wanted to be in the know,” says Tate. “He’d seen Xero while talking with another advisor and liked the look of it. We did our due diligence and came to the same conclusion.”


Clients are able to view their data in real time with us. No longer are there accountant copies, multiple files, nor are we able to hide if we’re behind. It’s all in black and white. – Tate

Helping Polay & Clark embrace flexibility

With Xero came the ability to be flexible and transparent. Tate, the team, and their clients were all able to access their finances remotely at any time – dramatically improving workflow and their clients’ experience.

Xero was just the beginning and before long Polay + Clark started looking into other ways they could make life easier – and came across Hubdoc. 

“After moving our accounting online it made sense to start adding some of the other systems too,” says Tate.

Introducing Hubdoc helped Polay + Clark become more efficient with data entry and document collection. From relying on snail mail to collect clients’ financial documents, Polay + Clark can do it all online with Hubdoc. 

Using the auto-fetch feature means they can automatically collect and organize their clients’ financial documents in one centralized location. And with the Hubdoc mobile app, it means clients can upload receipts on the go – making being on tour that much easier. 

And because Hubdoc connects seamlessly with Xero, the team at Polay + Clark can automate most of their administrative processes, easily keep track of clients, and communicate more effectively. 

“Clients are able to view their data in real time with us,” says Tate. “No longer are there accountant copies, multiple files, nor are we able to hide if we’re behind. It’s all in black and white.”

Introducing flexibility and transparency into their day-to-day workflow has helped Polay + Clark transform the business. Which means Tate and the team can spend less time working through manual processes and more time connecting with clients.

An image showing how document collection works in Hubdoc

Using Hubdoc, Polay + Clark can keep easily keep track of their clients financial documents

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Tate Henshaw had the perfect set of skills for Polay + Clark

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