How to use print advertising as a marketing tool


Rolling Hills Bookkeeping

Rolling Hills is a full service accounting firm that treats its clients like family. With a specialty in serving the cannabis industry in Northern California, Brett and Meg say that Rolling Hills has grown faster than they could have hoped for!

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Tell me about the print ad. What did you do and how?

Rolling Hills works with many clients in our home county of Calaveras. We wanted to expand outside of our local community and start working with small businesses based in Northern California.

We were lucky enough to meet the owner of Emerald Magazine and quickly realized that this publication reached our target audience. We agreed to a quarter page print ad over a 6-month time frame, as well as a 2-page spread about Rolling Hills on the month of our choosing.

What was your marketing goal?

Our goal for this advertising is to introduce our brand to this new geography.

However, we know that the farmers we serve are a tight knit community and that the ad won’t be enough to win new clients. In addition to the ad, we are organizing a financial training in collaboration with an industry association. The training will help us build trust and credibility.

How did doing the print help you accomplish that goal?

It’s still too early to tell as we haven’t done the training yet - we’ll keep you posted! We are confident that the  advertisement paired with the training will win some great new clients.

What is your advice for other Xero partners?

“Marketing is personal – you are selling yourself in addition your firm. Your efforts should represent your brand and speak directly to your target audience.”


Brett and Meg Gonsalves, Co-founders, Rolling Hills Bookkeeping

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