How to use a client event as a marketing tool

Newton Street CPA

Newton Street CPA was started three years ago to serve small business owners in the Denver metro area. Launched as a traditional CPA firm, Newtron Street has grown quickly and is building out its accounting services.

Tell me about the event. What did you do and how?

As a CPA firm, we see our clients one to two times a year at most, which is why throwing an event is an important way for us to appreciate our clients and get facetime in with them.

One of our clients owns a fabulous art gallery in downtown Denver and graciously let us use the venue for the party. The artwork and overall atmosphere was very fun and hip which gave the event a great atmosphere.

The event itself was focussed on having a good time as opposed to a formal networking event. We provided food and drink and let our clients get to know each other, and us!

We weren’t sure what sort of attendance to expect and much to our surprise, over 100 people showed up for the party! We plan to host another event this year and make it an annual affair.

What was your marketing goal?

The goal of the client event was to recognize our clients and to deepen our relationship with them.

How did doing the event help you accomplish that goal?

Although technology is amazing, there’s nothing like meeting someone in person to build a relationship. Breaking bread and sharing laughter with our clients really lets them know that we are here to serve them and care about the well being of their small business.

What is your advice for other Xero partners?

“Events are all about planning. It’s important to do all of the pre-work, so you can enjoy your own party.”


David Marsh, Founder / Erin Lyman, Business Administrator, Newton Street CPA

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