Build a beautiful Xero landing page

Stand out from the crowd

Your Xero partnership tells the world that you are a resource for small business. And your site should showcase this partnership – along with your talent, technology, and advisory focus. When prospective clients visit your site, they know that you will manage their accounting needs and save them time. Now they can dedicate their efforts on what they love … their business.

Here are a few Xero landing pages we love
Xero landing page examples

Start with the basics

Your website is a key marketing asset that should reflect your firm’s unique brand – and Xero complements your efforts. Always start with the basics to set the foundation for your site:

Site goal

Ultimate goal of your site

Before diving into the page design, think about what your website should accomplish. Our guide – Build an effective website for your firm – helps structure your thinking.

SEO ready

SEO is even for accountants

Why SEO is crucial for accountants and bookkeepers is a short read that helps demystify the what and why of SEO. Our SEO guide for partners takes a closer look at how to maximize your SEO with the power of Xero.


Mobile ready

From a pure business-growth perspective – every business needs a mobile site. 

Put your page to work

Small business owners juggle multiple decisions, multiple times a day. So when they visit your page – they want answers, fast. That’s why it’s important to build your page from their perspective. Consider everything to help them take action. This puts their mind at ease and confirms their decision to work with you and Xero.

Site goal

Why should I view this page?

Make them stop with a bold statement, fact or anecdote to pique their interest.

SEO ready

What is Xero?

Introduce Xero and get them excited to learn more.

Resources: Embed a Xero TV video on your page, or pick highlights from Build a better business with Xero.  

Site goal

How can Xero boost my business?

Spotlight the value of time. Xero uses the cloud to simplify bookkeeping, which allows them to spend more time on what they love – their business.

Resources: Highlight the benefits of Xero product features and cloud accounting.

SEO ready

Why does your firm partner with Xero?

Show off a little (or a lot). Share your firm’s status level and advisor certification and how both can benefit them. You believe in Xero – now tell them why they should, too.

Resources: Reference the Brand Guidelines for Partners for examples to display your partnership.

Site goal

What now?

Jump on their excitement about Xero and provide next steps.

Resources: Direct them to to learn more or to start their free 30-day trial.

Find your inspiration

Thanks to and the Partner Toolkit – you have access to a wealth of resources. So get ready, because it’s time to channel your inner creativity.


  • Xero TV on Provide training videos on Xero’s key features on the same or separate web page. Access Get up to Xero speed on the Partner Toolkit.



  • Image bank in the Partner Toolkit. Find the perfect product images for your page.