About EMERGE App

EMERGE App is an order, purchase and inventory management solution for small and medium-sized businesses. It's a user-friendly web application that anyone can use with little or no training. It puts all your customers, products and orders in one place in the cloud. This gives you visibility and control over your stock as it moves through your workflow.

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EMERGE App + Xero

EMERGE App syncs on demand with Xero so that you're in total control of what documents are exported. It lets you map your invoices and receipts to a chart of accounts in Xero so that the right records are exported to the correct accounts. You can select some or all of your documents to be exported at once.

Getting started

Simply enable the Xero integration module in EMERGE App. Then connect to Xero by logging in with your Xero account. Allow access for EMERGE App when prompted and you're on your way to mapping your chart of accounts.

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