Business without boundaries: learning new limits

Xerocon In Review #1

As a result of today’s connected world, Xero partners are taking the opportunity to go global while staying local – creating an economy where small business has no boundaries.

Twenty-one percent of Xero partners in Australia now have a relationship with a person or organization in an overseas market. This connectivity means small businesses are better placed to develop global imports, exports and talent pools.

Accountants and bookkeepers have used technology to facilitate huge contributions to the global small business economy.

"Just as Uber globalised taxis and Amazon globalized retail, Xero has globalised accounting. If we do want the world to be better, we’ve got to get small businesses trading globally"

Rod Drury | CEO and Co-Founder, Xero

Xerocon In Review
Xerocon In Review
Xerocon In Review

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