Bringing the voice of our Xero partners to the stage

This year, we’re excited to announce that a diverse group of partners from Australia, New Zealand and Asia will be taking to the stage to share their expert insights on a broad variety of industry topics with their Xero community. Drawn from a range of experiences, each session is curated to offer value wherever you may be in your journey. All so we can learn, grow and inspire together.

About Elaine Lim

Elaine is a Chartered Accountant with over 20 years of accounting experience, and is a technology lover and mother of four bubbly kids. Elaine started her career as an auditor in one of the Big 4 firms before joining large MNCs, starting as a financial analyst, accountant and then Financial Controller. Elaine then founded her own modern accounting firm, Agere. Having used Xero for her firm since 2008, Elaine has been an early champion of Xero and cloud technology in the Asia region. Agere is a Xero Platinum Partner in Singapore, and won Xero Asia Partner of the Year in 2018. In June 2019, Agere was successfully acquired by YYC Group, a multi-service business advisory firm based in Asia. Elaine continues to run Agere, and supports the YYC Group with cloud technology adoption in its network of accounting and bookkeeping firms.

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About Karen

Karen Kennedy is the founder of Bookit Bookkeeping, a bookkeeping firm that believes in helping clients kick goals. With over 150 clients in almost every industry all over Australia, Karen and her team of bookkeepers thrive on partnering with business owners who believe the importance of working on the business, not in it. While bookkeeping is valuable to every business, Bookit Bookkeeping specializes in franchise bookkeeping for both franchisees and franchisors. Her articles have been featured in the magazine Franchise Buyer and she was the co-author of the 2018 book How Courageous, Fearless & Purpose-Driven Businesswomen Impact Society.

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About Zac

Zac is an award winning young entreprenuer who is passionate about supporting the small business community. He is an accountant and financial planner by trade whilst running 4 businesses In regional Victoria. He is the founder of the multi-award-winning HA Accounting (2019 Australian Accounting Startup firm of the year) and is the current SMSF & Accounting Professional of the year for Victoria.

Zac understands small business owners struggles as he advises over 2000 clients in every industry. He specializes in working with proactive millennial business owners in creating their goals and making it happen in all aspects of business and wealth.

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About Ryan

As an accountant and advisor, Ryan has been working with Australian families and businesses for over 10 years. He believes that financial advice truly has the power to change lives, and his clients inspire him every day as he sees them turn their financial and lifestyle dreams into reality. Ryan knows the right financial advice can make a real difference at every stage of life, which is why he believes in building strong relationships with each of his clients over the long term.

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About Aly

Winner of the 2019 Women in Finance Small Business Adviser and Principal of the year awards & 2018 SA SMSF and Accounting Professional of the Year,  Aly draws on over 25 years of experience to deliver customized accounting, taxation, advisory and cloud solutions for her clients. Aly is a leader in the tourism industry and cloud revolution space helping to elevate businesses to the cloud and deliver automation to future proof businesses, delivering efficiencies and improving profitability. Aly is passionate about seeing businesses thrive and adapt in these times of rapid change, ensuring the family groups that own them build wealth for themselves and future generations.


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About Paul

Paul is the next generation of Accountant. His firm, 5ways Group, were one of the first to operate 100% in the cloud. Paul has a passion for the small-medium business market and using technology to streamline how businesses operate. Paul is also using his 20+ years as a practising Accountant to support accountants around the world through online mentoring and his entertaining podcast.

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About Lisa

Over the last 30 years, Lisa has seen it all when it comes to being in business and has learnt some great lessons along the way. Lisa’s hunger for educating others inspires and excites those around her. It’s in her DNA, she lives and breathes it daily. All businesses must have a purpose, get the purpose right, and the success will follow and that is “WHY we do it!” Making it her mission to change the way business owners handle their accounts, Lisa started GoFi8ure, a boutique mobile accounting and bookkeeping practice in 2002 from scratch. Since then Lisa, with her team, have assisted thousands of businesses by providing efficient, accurate, mobile, and on-site financial bookkeeping, management accounting, software training, tax and advisory services.

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About Felicity

Felicity takes her duty as a trusted advisor seriously and enjoys building long-term relationships with clients.  With a particular interest in hospitality, property and retail, Felicity works closely with her clients to develop key performance indicators and benchmarking against industry standards. Felicity is a huge advocate for using cloud-based solutions to help a business work smarter not harder. She has seen organizations reduce costs and improve financial management by simply organizing their internal systems. Felicity’s work in this area saw her nominated as a finalist in Young Accountant of the Year in 2012.

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