Client experience : the key to practice growth

What your clients are saying about you and your practice is the single biggest factor in your success, or lack of it. But very few accountants actually know what their clients think of them – so we asked them. Discover what we found out in our client experience report.

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We surveyed 1,509 business owners in Canada to find out what they really value about their accountant or bookkeeper. And we found out what advisors need to do to turn business owners into enthusiastic fans.


Less than a quarter of small business owners would recommend their advisor
Word of mouth is the most effective form of marketing for accountants and bookkeepers

Dissatisfied clients are the most likely to pay late or withhold payment

How to get more satisfied clients

The most satisfied clients are using cloud accounting
Regular contact is important for small business owners

Put client experience at the core of your practice

Practices that design themselves around the client experience are snapping up new clients. Our research shows that accountants and bookkeepers vastly prefer actively helping clients to keeping them compliant.

It’s possible to learn from pacesetting practices and improve client perceptions of your practice by starting to measure customer sentiment.

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Read more about the ins and outs of client experience and the key to growing your practice, with our Pacesetters special report.

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