Here’s to the bookkeepers

That’s a wrap! Thank you for joining us at our first ever Canadian Bookkeeping webinar series.

Xero believes that bookkeepers are the unsung heroes of the accounting profession. We want to celebrate bookkeepers for all the great work they do with a series of webinars. 

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Bookkeeping with Xero webinar series

Here’s a breakdown of the progressive webinar series we’re hosting this month.


Kyla Vanderhart

Bookkeeping with Xero: Getting started

March 2, 12pm EST

Why choose the cloud for your bookkeeping clients? We’ll look at day-to-day transactions in Xero, customized reports, how to gain efficiencies, and Canada-specific features. See the benefits you and your clients will experience using Xero.

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Carol-Ann Brouwer

Bookkeeping with Xero: Tips & tricks

March 9, 12pm EST

See how tools like cash coding, bank rules, and find and recode are the perfect features for bookkeepers using Xero. Plus, we’ll share the best tips and tricks on setting up your clients for success.

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Nicole Baptiste

Bookkeeping with Xero: Discover the app ecosystem

March 16, 12pm EST

Xero's app marketplace benefits Xero bookkeepers and their clients by automating processes and providing business tools. We’ll demo Canadian-specific apps like Plooto, Rotessa, and PayPal that integrate with Xero to create efficiencies.

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Bookkeeping with Xero: Marketing your practice

March 23, 12pm EST

Do you have plans to grow your business in 2021? In our final session, we’ll cover practical marketing tips for attracting new business and how to keep your existing clients happy.

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Hayley Haughton is a bookkeeper for Cloudmeb, a Canadian accounting firm that serves small businesses. Learn more about how she uses Xero to work smarter rather than harder!


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Features for bookkeepers

find recode

Free up your time

Xero automates many basic functions, allowing you to do tasks quickly and easily while maximizing your time.

find recode

Find and recode

Find and recode makes fixing client mistakes fast and easy by allowing transactions to be searched for and updated in bulk.

find recode

Bank reconciliation

With bank reconciliation, you can keep your finances up-to-date and save time. Suggested matches allow you to automatically match and categorize transactions and the bulk feature lets you group bank transactions to reconcile all at once.

find recode

Bank connections

This feature lets you connect your bank to Xero and set up bank feeds. Then transactions can automatically flow straight into Xero each business day.

find recode

Build in Hubdoc

Hubdoc automatically keeps all your financial documents in one place. Now you can stop chasing documents and data entry and increase productivity.