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Summer Camp 2014

For Summer Camp 2014 we’ve pulled together a collection of interviews with some of the people in the Xero ecosystem, on the Xero team and in the world of small business. Summer Camp is a great chance for you to take some Xero training courses and these podcasts are an extension of that.

1. Technology trade routes

Michael Wood, co-founder of London based software developer Receipt Bank talks about how they used their status as a Xero Add-on Partner to carry their business into new markets half-way around the world.

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2. Culture eats everything

Dennis Howlett, industry analyst and founder of talks with Gary Turner about the changing dynamics of accounting, culture in business, small business start-up dynamics.

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3. Introduction to business networking

Heather Townsend, author of the five star rated Financial Times Guide to Business Networking and one of the UK’s thought leaders on how to make business networking and referral marketing work, dropped into our UK office to chat about how you go about winning new clients without a marketing budget.

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4. Start taking your website seriously

Nina Michell talks with Xero’s UK managing director, Gary Turner, about the importance of attaching the right amount of priority to ensuring your website is an effective client acquisition tool, covering how to deploy simple things like Landing Pages to more effectively harness and generate more new client enquiries. Also includes information on how Xero Partners can use Partner Banners to generate more leads.

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5. Getting started with social media

Euan Semple, social media pioneer and author of best selling book Organizations Don’t Tweet People Do: A Manager’s Guide to the Social Web talks with Gary Turner about taking those first steps into social media.

The conversation touches on the benefits of internal social media tools like Yammer and the importance of individuality and authenticity in building effective social media engagement whether through blogging or on short-form platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn.

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6. The future of cloud ecosystems

Xero’s CEO and founder, Rod Drury, in conversation with Gary Turner about the rapid growth in the number of new cloud based software businesses and the responsibility of companies like Xero in nurturing and growing vibrant cloud ecosystems, as well as how add-on software developers should be pricing their services and how to get off the ground as a new app developer in a cloud ecosystem.

Rod also shares his thoughts on the future direction for cloud app ecosystems and gives a preview of what Partners can expect from the forthcoming Xerocon conferences taking place in Sydney, San Francisco and London in the coming month.

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7. Measuring customer experience

Founder and CEO of Xero Add-on Partner, CustomerSure, Guy Letts talks about how cloud technology is enabling newer, smarter ways of gathering, collating and measuring customer satisfaction in an era where customer experience and feedback is increasingly articulated by peer review and the five star rating.

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8. Self-publishing platforms

Suw Charman-Anderson, author, journalist and one of the UK’s leading social technology experts explores the emergence of the global self-publishing industry for micro businesses, the pros and cons of some of the commercial platforms that have grown around it as well as touching on the importance of social technology for engaging with your audience as a self-published writer, and more broadly in a business context.

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9. Pricing strategies for accountants

Mark Wickersham, accountant and author of best-selling book, Effective Pricing For Accountants explains the principles of value pricing for accountants in practice, the importance of focusing on client value and how to position your services to new and prospective clients in a way that delivers the highest value for the client but which is also profitable for the practice.

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