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I already use WorkflowMax Practice Manager – Will I need to migrate my data to the new system?  

No, you will not need to do anything.  Your account will be automatically upgraded

How can I find out more and prepare myself for the new user interface?  

Over the upcoming month we will be posting a number of blog posts to outline the new features.  We’ll also be running a number of webinars in late May to show and train you on the new user interface.

I use the standard WorkflowMax Job Costing product – Will I have access to the new user interface?  

The first release will only be available for our clients using the Practice Management module.  Once we complete the time sheet rebuild we will then release the new user interface to our standard WorkflowMax clients.

Are there any pieces of functionality that I will lose in the new UI?

In the Clients screens we have not completed the Notes and Documents tabs – so these will not be available in the first release of the software. 

Also the start / stop timer will not be available in the first release.

So if you use either of these features then we will need to turn off the new user interface enhancements for you, so please do let us know.