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I already use WorkflowMax Practice Manager – Will I need to migrate my data to the new system?  

No, you will not need to do anything.  Your account will be automatically upgraded

How can I find out more and prepare myself for the new user interface?  

Over the upcoming month we will be posting a number of blog posts to outline the new features.  We’ll also be running a number of webinars in late May to show and train you on the new user interface.

I use the standard WorkflowMax Job Costing product – Will I have access to the new user interface?  

The first release will only be available for our clients using the Practice Management module.  Once we complete the time sheet rebuild we will then release the new user interface to our standard WorkflowMax clients.

Are there any pieces of functionality that I will lose in the new UI?

In the Clients screens we have not completed the Notes and Documents tabs – so these will not be available in the first release of the software. 

Also the start / stop timer will not be available in the first release.

So if you use either of these features then we will need to turn off the new user interface enhancements for you, so please do let us know. 


George Mathew
2 May 2014 #

We do use the “notes” feature inside WFM jobs extensively, both by adding in notes manually and emailing …

Chris Spence
2 May 2014 #

@George – To clarify, only the notes tab on the client screen will be missing in the first release. You will still be able to access and add notes to all your jobs either manually or via emailing

Chris, thanks for clarifying, that’s superb to hear. Our use of notes is limited to jobs :)

Mark Lawton
7 May 2014 #

Hi Chris

I am looking forward to the new release but use both the client notes and start/stop timer. Are the client notes still able to be accessed somehow? Also is there a workaround for the start/stop timer? I think you used to have an add-on that did the same job. Will this still work? I would like to use the new system so I can give some feedback but still need to track time. Also do you have a rough time-frame for when the non accountant version will be ready ie 2 months or 6 months?

Chris Spence
7 May 2014 #

@Mark – re Client Notes – one work around would be to create a custom view using the “Client Notes” report in the Report Builder. The support team can assist you with setting this up.

Re Start/Stop Timer – the new “Adhoc Time” widget will allow you to capture time against any client or job without leaving the page you’re currently on. We will be previewing this feature on the blog later this month.

Re timing for the non-accountant version – this is not yet finalised but I expect it will be within the next 6 months.

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