End your year-end inventory hassles with Xero Inventory

Xero Inventory puts an end to painful year-end inventory journals. It’s easy to set up and it’s already included in your clients’ pricing plans. Best of all, you can improve your accounting advice and watch your clients take control of their inventory.

(Apple) Watch out

Today we are proud to announce our smallest release ever. With Xero for Apple Watch, time really is money! Small business owners can now view information about the finances of their business with a flick of the wrist: We took the bank feeds notification we released earlier this year and augmented it with a long-look form, exclusively for the Watch, which shows you the details of the transactions that came through.

5 last minute tips to get your business ready for Black Friday

Black Friday is almost here. Time to get your e-commerce business ready for the busiest online shopping period of the year. If you haven’t had a chance to launch a full-blown marketing plan by now, here are five tips from Shopify’s Thea Earl that you can implement today to boost your sales this season.