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Please make sure you’re familiar with this list so that can be sure the conversion service and Xero is right for you. If you’re unsure, you can email the team at Jet Convert (support@jetconvert.com.au). To start with, Jet Convert must create the Xero Organisation from scratch in order to complete the conversion. Conversion to an existing Xero organisation (including a trial) you may have created is not available with this service. Here’s some areas that can prevent a conversion from being completed, and what you can do to fix them:

  • If the file is not Windows MYO or MYOX type
    • Other MYOB products cannot be converted with this service.
    • MYOB AccountEdge (Mac) files may be able to be converted through an additional service available from Jet Convert 
  • If the file is larger than 800MB (unzipped)
    • Try optimising the data file and closing any previous financial years for which you do not need to convert data
  • If the file is a backup Zip file with a password
    • Upload the backup file without a password, or upload the MYO or MYOX file
  • If the chart of accounts has more than 700 accounts
    • Delete accounts that have not been used and do not have an opening balance
  • More than 100 employees were paid in the last calendar month
    • Xero doesn’t have a plan to support more than 100 employees paid in a month
  • Custom/irregular tax codes have been used that are not 0 or 10 %
    • If you have not applied the custom tax codes to any transactions just delete these tax codes

Note: If 0% or 10% custom rates are found you can map them to a standard Xero tax rate in the conversion application. The conversion can only continue once you have completed the mapping.   During the conversion we might find some things that can’t be converted to Xero. The conversion will still happen and if the file has any of these things you’ll be notified during the conversion:

  • Quotes & orders. These are converted as draft invoices/bills in Xero
  • Budget details
  • Extra addresses for a Card File contact. The 2 primary addresses will be converted
  • Activities are not created as items
  • Bank account names for contacts
  • Statement text for contacts
  • Any data in custom fields
  • Repeating transactions. They can be created in Xero after the conversion
  • Tracking of inventory quantity on inventory items
  • Individual employee Payslips or Pay Runs. Individual pay details are converted as invoices
  • Tax Tables have not been loaded in MYOB. Employee Tax Declaration in Xero may be incomplete and you’ll need to update them in Xero
  • A different/custom address on an invoice. The converted contact address will be applied to the invoice
  • Withholding tax rates from MYOB cannot be created in Xero. Withholding amounts from MYOB tax rates will be reflected as a negative line on transactions in Xero

If any of these are in the file, the post conversion instructions will detail what has not come across.