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Send statements

One of the challenges of a small business owner is to be the marketing and sales person, building relationships to sell jobs, and being the debt collector.

If someone hasn’t paid you then you can send them a statement. This appears less personal. Statements can appear like your accounting system has automatically sent the statement so allows you to preserve your good relationship with your customer.


12 January 2010 #

is there an easy way to bulk email statements?

Catherine Walker
12 January 2010 #

Hey Abbey, unfortunately there’s no bulk emailing for statements yet, just have to email from each statement. It’s something we want to do though – so thanks for the feedback.
Regards, Catherine

13 January 2010 #

While you’re at it bulk emailing invoices would be great too please.

Rod Drury
13 January 2010 #

Got it, those items are on the list.

Much to do.


Darryl Collins
4 March 2010 #

+1 for bulk statements emailing. (I found this page searching for this!)

14 March 2010 #

Automatic statement sending for delinquent account, or at least automatic “you haven’t paid this invoice” reminders.

I know that’s more or less what the Xero Network place “Getting Paid” does, but…
a) It’s another 30 bucks a month
b) It’s separate from Xero, it would be MUCH better as part of Xero

30 March 2010 #

What is the ETA on , it’s killing us – as I sit sending statements manually AGAIN to ~70 stores…how I love this monthly chore….

31 March 2010 #

Ahh following on from James’ note I found and have signed up with that – hooks into Xero and sends automatic chasing emails, early days but seems like the functionality we needed…just an FYI if you do use it – make sure you’ve updated all the email templates and details BEFORE you import from Xero – as the emails will go out with the vanilla settings (ie no bank details – generic email templates)

15 May 2011 #

I have tried ‘getting-paid’, and whilst the idea is sound, this could so much more easily and completely be integrated into Xero, can we get some feedback as to if and when Xero may add this?


A Website Designer
30 June 2011 #

Hi guys is there a view on an ETA for this? This is a big one for me. I believe fresh books does it. I’ll check out that add-on but I wouldn’t have thought I would have to pay $30 for this, I reckon it should be core as well.

BTW great product, i actually enjoy bookkeeping now, honestly I do it every day, I used to absolutely hate it and outsourced all of it (cost me a fortune) well done.

28 October 2011 #

Multiple reminders with different email contents (Pay, Pay or else, Pay – we know where you live!) should be as a standard form very begging. It’s a shame that you have to pay 30$ extra just to get it from third party system. Please make this as priority as it’s simply will help us get pay! One email is simply not working.

Gareth Mailer
20 April 2012 #


Any progress on bulk e-mail invoicing or reminders yet? This would be a great and very time saving feature!



Matt Byrne
7 June 2012 #


Another follow up – any update or progress on this feature?


Alaistair Jerrom-Smith
13 October 2012 #

any update on this, we are just about to sign up and this would be an important feature for us.



15 October 2012 #

Are you guys asking about bulk sending statements? This feature has existed for quite some time now.

D Thomson
27 May 2013 #

These statements will send automatically if on a a set date or we have to do it manually?

[…] Send statements […]

9 February 2015 #

Is there anyway to automate statements yet? I see Rod said above that it was on the list in 2010, it is now 2015 :)

Penny Wildash
10 February 2015 #

Hi Wade, Time flies! We’re underway with designing auto invoice reminders & statements and we will be updating the community as soon as development starts. It’s moving :)

Xero Community: Auto statements and invoice reminders to prevent late payment and payment chasing

13 April 2015 #

I’m finding it difficult to trust this is coming and I’m really resentful of having to pay a 3rd party company to do something simpler systems like Freshbooks do automatically. Is there any kind of eta you can give us on this?

Penny Wildash
13 April 2015 #

Hi Dee, appreciate it’s frustrating having to wait. I can’t give you an ETA yet, still early on in the process, but will do so on the community post as soon as we know more.

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