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Have someone else call your debtors

People are embarrassed when they haven’t paid their bill and other people know that. Rather than you call your customers a third party like your accountant might be able to get on the phone and call your debtors for you.

There are many people that could call on your behalf. You accountant, a Director, spouse, business coach or a credit agency.

If they can log into your accounting system and review receivables they can easily ring and enquire as to why a payment hasn’t been made. Load phone numbers for your customers so your accountant can quickly identify the people they need to call and their number.


John Birse
27 August 2009 #

I would also like to suggest that your contract bookkeeper can follow up outstanding debts for you. Compared to the rates charged by higher end professionals the more down-to-earth approach of a bookkeeper (who is usually speaking to another bookkeeper anyway) assiusts the business owner in improving their cashflow and keeping their focus on creating new business not collecting from past business.

Stephen Hofmann
2 December 2009 #

Actually i think using a professional consultant gives the best results. We have been offering credit consulting since 1975 and using Xero would be brilliant. All calls are made in the name of client coy, so using Xero, you could be anywhere in the country. You still receive all monies, but importantly, confidentiality is maintained. Call Steve to discuss 021487878

10 July 2011 #

Automatic reminders would also help chase clients without having to lift a finger.

Auto remind 7 days before due
Auto reminder 7 days overdue
2nd reminder
3rd reminder

I dont have the time to chase people, nor the money to pay someone to do it.

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