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Most people have email addresses and they check their email frequently. If people receive a bill in the mail it may take them a few days to open it. Bills received in the mail are easier to ignore.

Invoices received over email get seen by the owner and they may act on it immediately because people don’t like to leave things to do in their email.

Emailing an invoice

Getting email addresses from customers is a good thing to do anyway. You may want to send them a message later to promote your services.

As emailed invoices are environmentally friendly they are difficult for businesses to refuse.
You can email your invoices from anywhere you can connect to the Internet. When you’ve finished each job you might pop into a café, get a well deserved coffee and write out the invoice while its fresh in your mind. You can send the invoice directly from the café.

Even though you might think a mobile data card or high end phone is a luxury, they really can add value to your business because they allow you to email invoices and check your accounting system from anywhere.