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Spell success X-E-R-O

Meet Xero event for Xero US

Here in the United States, we’re relative Xero newbies. As a Regional Sales Director, I spend a lot of time spreading the message of what Xero is and does — and spelling out X-E-R-O. In fact, my first Partner meeting is a great example:

Taking place in beautiful Santa Monica, California, my team and I were managing a Xero Certification training for a Partner and their staff of 15 employees. One attendee was particularly having trouble. She just couldn’t log in. Despite my instruction, she was adamant that there was no login on her screen. Confused, I went over to help. When I got there, I saw the homescreen. Oh so close, but not X-E-R-O.

The secret is out: Meet Xero

For over a year, experiences like this were common. But now, things are changing.

Across California, Xero US is going local with Meet Xero events. Officially, Meet Xero is a learning session on technology in the accounting profession. You get to meet your local Senior Account Manager, see Xero in action and leave with a better understanding of what modern small businesses really want.

Unofficially, Meet Xero is a fun time, run by smart people who are all passionate about small businesses. After meeting a Senior Account Manager, more Partners see the value of Xero and realize how our team can help them grow and thrive. Many even begin this journey on site by selecting clients to switch to Xero.

Meet, greet and Accelerate

If you’re new to Xero, or know someone who could benefit from meeting us, check out our Meet Xero event and registration page. It’s free and a guaranteed good time.

And if you’re a more seasoned Xero expert, consider our Xero Accelerate workshop to really power up your practice. Your Senior Account Manager will be alongside you there as well.

Lastly, as an update from my first Partner meeting: Today, that same Partner has achieved Xero Gold status and created a new division in their firm. Best of all, they absolutely love working with their Senior Account Manager. See, success really is spelled X-E-R-O.


A view from inside

Last week I visited the Xero Melbourne HQ to spend a few days with my new Xero team members.

The first thing that struck me when I walked in the office was the ’buzz’; lots of meeting spaces filled with Xeros (Xero employees) collaborating and communicating on the go, account managers speaking with partners, the marketing team brainstorming ideas, and the customer care team working together to solve support tickets. Everyone was getting on with the job at hand, and while you’d expect that to be the case, seeing it happen from the ’inside’ brought it all into perspective.

As I met with my fellow leadership team over two days of strategies and ideas, I got a real sense of why everyone in the office was so focused on their job. I realised it’s because Xero empowers ownership at all levels, within every role. The entire team is passionate about their work and take their roles very seriously – although you could always hear a laugh coming from somewhere in the office. After all, when it comes to Xero, it is all about doing what you do and having a good time while you do it.

James' desk at the Xero Melbourne HQ

My desk and new MacBook Air!

From my hot desk I couldn’t help but be inspired by the workspace I was in. It was a bit of a change working at a 1.6m x 70cm desk but as I noticed Chris Ridd, Trent Innes and other senior managers working at the same open plan desks, it was clear everyone was working towards the same goal. No imposed hierarchy, titles or offices – just one unified team committed to delivering a leading solution to market. Continue reading ›


Winding down Xero Personal in November 2014

We wanted to let you know we are discontinuing Xero Personal at the end of November next year. We know that is 14 months away but we wanted to give everyone plenty of warning. We are sending an email and messaging in-app to all Xero Personal customers.

[UPDATE After reviewing a range of options, we’ve arranged a great deal with PocketSmith. If you are a Xero Personal customer and sign up with PocketSmith by 31 December 2013, you will get the first 12 months at half price (NZD$59.95 vs $120). PocketSmith has live bank feeds (except for BNZ at the moment), as well as features you’re used to such as a handy calendar view, cashflow projections and flexible budgeting. You can get your data across to PocketSmith in minutes with their Xero Express process. Find out more.]

Joel Hanna PocketSmith Tweet

We’ve seen huge growth in the number of customers using Xero’s core small business accounting and accountant’s tools. Unfortunately, by comparison only a small number of people are prepared to pay for an independent personal financial management tool.

Considering this, we reviewed the resources involved in developing and supporting Xero Personal compared with putting this resource into our business offerings. We then made the difficult decision to wind down the ongoing development of Xero Personal and shut it down on 30th November 2014.

On 30th September 2013 all annual subscriptions to Xero Personal at that point will be automatically extended from their expiry date until the service close down date at the end of November 2014, for no additional charge. Unless you receive a notification that you need to renew your current annual subscription prior to the 30th of September there is no other action you need to take to continue using the product through until the end of November next year.

Continue reading ›


Xero Personal for iPhone

It’s here! Today we have released Xero Personal for iPhone, a completely new free mobile app for subscribers of our Xero Personal product. It’s available for download in the App Store. Xero Personal is the easiest way to keep track of your personal spending habits and savings goals.

Find out more about Xero Personal

Xero Personal for iPhone gives you a picture of your finances on the go. It allows you to see at a glance your progress against your spending and savings goals. You can set up categorisation rules for new transactions, and see transactions across all of your bank accounts, whether you bank with one bank or four.

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Bank feeds for Xero Personal

You can stop importing those .csv files into Xero Personal – our personal finance product now has bank feeds! Connect Xero Personal to your bank and your online banking transactions automatically come through every morning for you to sort and categorize.

Many of the bank feeds supported by Xero Business are supported immediately, with more coming in the New Year. Over time the number of banks included will only increase.

We’ve also added notes to transactions so you can put any detail you want on your spending. Have a look at how bank feeds, sorting rules (released in July) and notes on transactions work together to give you a complete picture of your finances in this video:

Check this list now to see if your bank is available, or log into your Xero Personal, add an account, and type in your bank’s name to see if it is there.

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Vote for your features

Today we released the ability for our community to vote as an input into future Xero business and personal features.

Deciding which features to work on next is at the core of my role, and our other Product Managers. As you can imagine there are lots of opinions and realities to deal with but the more information we have the better – and that’s exactly what feature voting gives us. It’s a great opportunity for you to add your voice to how Xero evolves and for me to take this on board when working on our roadmap.

I’ve spent this morning going through the most popular requests and updating their status – nice to be able to set some to “Completed” and “Started” and to know that we’re on the right track with lots of others.

Here’s how it works – you get 5 votes to apply to your most desired features. Simply log into Xero Business Community or Xero Personal Community and search through the discussions under the Feature Requests topic. If you can’t find what you are looking for you can start a new feature request. Once you’ve found the feature you want to support then cast your vote by clicking on the Vote button.

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Bank Feeds for Xero Personal – progress update

Back in April we advised a delay in getting started on developing automated bank feeds into Xero Personal. This was due to the improvements required to our underlying banking integration platform to manage the continued growth in use of bank feeds with Xero.

This work took several weeks longer than expected but the team are now full steam ahead connecting Xero Personal into the banking platform. However, with this later than anticipated start we won’t make our target of a July/Sept quarter release – it will slip into Oct/Dec. We’ll keep you up-to-date with progress.

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Sorting made easy in Xero Personal

Today’s Xero Personal release makes it quicker and easier for you to see where your money is going so you know you’re on track.

Your sorting rules now truly reflect the way you shop. You’re able to create rules that contain only part of the payee name. So when you shop at different branches of the same store your transactions still get sorted – without having to be an exact match on your statement.

Your transactions will be sorted automatically based on the rules you create, as well as a few suggestions from us of based on what’s commonly used.

Check out the video to see it in action:


Want to start sorting your transactions? Signup for a free trial of Xero Personal.


Update on bank feeds for Xero Personal

The introduction of automated bank feeds is a key and complex piece of work for the Xero Personal team and understandably it’s also high on the customer request list. We’ve made progress with laying the groundwork for the feeds over the last few releases and now it’s time to give you an update.

In May, the next Xero Personal release will introduce new categorisation or sorting logic, including improved user defined sorting rules. This will help get more transactions automatically sorted into spending or income categories. It will also ensure that the sorting function is then compatible with the style and format of transaction data that will come from the Yodlee data gathering service which is what will be used to deliver automated bank feeds into Xero Personal.

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Stay in the loop with income vs expenses

Today’s Xero Personal release lets you choose a timeframe to view your income vs expenses.

You can look at how much you made and spent in the last few days, weeks or months. Or you can make it more relevant by looking at your income vs expenses in your last pay period.

You can then see your spending trends by looking at how your income vs expenses have changed for a given period and compare this year on year.

Watch this video for an overview:

If you want a better view of your income vs expenses in the New Year, try Xero Personal for free.