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Why we’re making changes to Xero search

Posted 6 months ago in Product by Xero
Posted by Xero

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be rolling out some changes to the search function in Xero. The functionality will stay the same, but you’ll notice it looks a little different. 

Like many of the changes we’ve rolled out across our platform lately, this is part of our commitment to ‘Building on Beautiful’ — which is about continuously making changes in Xero so we can stay ahead of the latest technologies, standards and ways of working in your business or practice.

Until we’ve upgraded our technology, we can’t deliver the features we know you want, like being able to search more fields and products across our platform, easily scan results to find what you need, and use the search function on every page. 

This update is an important step in getting us closer to start delivering the features you’ve been requesting. Here’s an overview of the changes you can expect to see soon in Xero (there are no changes to search in the Xero accounting app).

  • Search and filter: We’ve refreshed the search bar and filter icon to align with the new design that’s being rolled out across Xero
  • Filter dropdown menu: We’ve added an ‘All’ option to filters, based on your feedback. The filter will no longer include employees, as it requires some elements of Xero Payroll to be upgraded. This is something we’re working on and hope to resolve soon. You can still search for employees in Xero Payroll like you normally do
  • Search results dropdown: We’re refreshing the search results dropdown menu, and introducing the ability to expand search results in the dropdown menu to show more than one result
  • Creating a new invoice: You’ll need to click ‘Create new invoice’ instead of ‘Add new’ if you want to create an invoice from within the search results. This also applies to creating new bills, contacts, purchase orders and quotes
  • Results page: The ‘See all results’ page has been renamed ‘Show all results’. The information on the page will be the same, but the format of the table will be separated into columns so it’s easier to scan and find what you need
  • No results found: We’ll make it clear when your search request has loaded, and give you ideas for what you may want to search for instead, if there are no results found for your search

When these changes to global search are live, they will also be available in new invoicing. So if you’re still using classic invoicing and enjoy using the search functionality, you can now switch to new invoicing and access these features and more.

Thanks for your patience and we hope these changes offer a better experience for you. Don’t forget to share your Xero Product Ideas and we’ll take them into consideration as we work through this upgrade and start planning all the exciting features we’ll deliver when it’s complete.


April 26, 2023 at 6.27 am

Hello — the new search is unusable with a keyboard. Old search was:
/ to start search
enter query
down arrow to select
enter to open

This was all in less than a second.

Can we please revert to the old search?

Xero in reply to Anon Xero
May 8, 2023 at 6.26 pm

Thank you for the feedback. We’ve updated the design of the search bar to improve accessibility and make it consistent with the rest of Xero. You can still launch the search bar using the ‘/’ key. We’ve also expanded the elements of the search dropdown you can select using your keyboard. Instead of using the down arrow, you can now use the TAB key to go through to all the elements in the search dropdown, including the filters. Thanks again for getting in touch! Hope this helps.

May 12, 2023 at 8.24 pm

For some reason the search bar is no longer available in all screens, for example from the invoice screen you cant se the search box at the top, you have to go back to the sales overview page a search from there. Was so much more useful when the feature was available in every page.

May 15, 2023 at 11.47 pm

When client client to download pdf invoice with the invoice link we sent. They have an option to download the invoice in pdf and csv file. Can we have an option to remove that csv file as it doeesnt make sense to us with the wrong details popping at each section (Our company address were stated instead of our client’s address)

May 30, 2023 at 10.05 am

Xero has changed overnight, Where is the main info bar, How do I find employee info etc?

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