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Three key tips on migrating clients to Xero Payroll

Posted 3 months ago in Advisors by Kelly O'Leary
Posted by Kelly O'Leary

What if I told you that migrating to Xero Payroll has just been made easier with the support of a new guide including many additional key tips from our amazing UK payroll team.   

I’ve been working in the Xero Partner consulting team since October last year. Prior to landing my dream job with Xero I worked with a few different accountancy practices, from those just starting out with Xero to those much further along on their cloud accountancy journey. This has given me a huge passion to ensure the process for migrating to Xero for payroll is as smooth as possible. Here I share three of my key tips to help you get started with converting a client’s payroll over to Xero Payroll. 

  1. To start the best payroll migration journey we would highly recommend that you complete the Xero payroll certification. This gives you a great insight into the entire process from setup all the way through to processing your payrun. You can use your free practice organisation to give what you’ve learned a go.
  2. Year end is a great time for converting payroll, however you can migrate all year round using our helpful guides in our Payroll Learning Centre.
  3. Once you are ready to migrate your data, we have popped together a checklist including top tips to guide you through the conversion process with ease.

Take a look at our guide to Converting to Xero Payroll guide to help you get started. You can also reach out to your account manager, partner consultant or partnerservices@xero.com  if you have any questions to make sure you have a full understanding and that it’s the best fit for your practice.


Linda Morrison
May 12, 2022 at 9.26 am

I have migrated over 90% of my payroll clients to Xero payroll over the last few years. Whilst Xero Payroll was still being developed, I always hoped that the basics would be incorporated in to Xero Payroll. Unfortunately no real development on Xero Payroll has taken place – there are still many of the basics that could be developed which would ultimately help Xero’s customers. Does anyone at Xero actually want to develop Xero Payroll? I took the time to draw up a list of the basics that could have been developed – I originally thought it was maybe half a dozen or so, but by the time I finished I was astonished and disheartened. Xero Payroll could have been so much better. Instead, it’s been a missed opportunity.

Xero in reply to Linda Morrison Xero
June 2, 2022 at 10.58 am

Hi Linda, thanks for using Xero Payroll and taking the time to share your feedback with us. We’re firmly committed to continuing to improve and grow the product so it helps more and more small businesses and advisors. Our current focus is improving core parts of the product. We think this will have a big impact across the organisations using Xero Payroll.

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