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Xero Global Release Update: October 2019

Posted 11 months ago in Product by Dee Johns
Posted by Dee Johns

Check out the latest updates for small businesses and advisors, plus a peek at what’s coming soon. Xero changes and release updates can be found in Xero Central or keep an eye on the feature timeline for a summary of some of our bigger releases.

Recently released  

  • Advisor App Recommendations
  • Custom email templates in Xero HQ Ask
  • Attach files to new invoicing 
  • Map accounts to tax lines – US
  • Prepare GST/HST returns easily in Xero – CA
  • Stripe payments – Malaysia
  • Direct Debit Xero Subscriptions – AU
  • Itemise an expense claim on Expenses mobile app – iOS
  • Staff Removal improvements

Recently released 

Advisor App Recommendations

Practices with advisor level access will now be able to recommend apps to your clients more easily. You’ll be able to see a “Recommend this app” toggle on app pages when logged into  Toggling this on will make the app appear on the homepage of the client’s app marketplace when they view

Custom email templates in Xero HQ Ask

Xero Advisors communicating to clients through Xero HQ Ask is now easier than ever. You’ll be able to create and save custom email messages when sending through an Ask query saving you time on writing out the full email messages each time.

Attach files to new invoicing 

You can now upload files to an invoice through the “attach files” on the invoice screen, either by dragging and dropping onto the screen or selecting files from a drive. The number of files you select is your choice, you can attach as many as you like*. That’s a huge feat in itself, but we’ve gone the extra mile by giving you the flexibility to choose which of those files you wish to send with the invoice. Once you’ve uploaded the files, you can hold down the (ctrl+shift+S) shortcut keys (exclusive to new invoicing) to select all files, or simply click on the toggle icon on screen to attach selected files. This functionality allows you to be in control of which files you send with the invoice and which you keep on the invoice as a reference for internal purposes. You can save the invoice for later or send immediately.

* for file types and sizes refer to Xero Central

Map accounts to tax lines – US

Accountants and bookkeepers can easily map clients chart of accounts to lines in US tax forms (schedule C and E). Once mapped, the balances for each tax line can be reviewed in Xero as a report and/or exported as a CSV. Mappings can also be exported out of an existing organisation to be reused for other organisations saving time in initial effort, and allowing you more time in your business.

Prepare GST/HST returns easily in Xero – CA

Small businesses and advisers can prepare and manage clients GST/HST returns accurately and efficiently in Xero. These automated tax workflows allows you to generate GST/HST returns within a few clicks. It also offers you a greater degree of clarity to confidently prepare your GST/HST return.  You can get both a tax summary and a detailed audit in “Transactions by line number” tab, easily verifying tax calculations. Learn more

Stripe payments – Malaysia

We’re happy to announce that one of our invoice payment partners, Stripe, has recently launched in Malaysia. Businesses can now add Stripe to their Xero invoices. This enables a “Pay Now” button for customers to pay online via debit or credit card. Stripe also enables 3-D Secure, a regulatory requirement for card purchases in Malaysia. Xero customers who use Stripe in other regions see their invoices paid up to 14 days faster than those without, reducing the number of overdue invoices and improving your cash flow.

Direct Debit payment option – AU

If you find yourself constantly managing payments for your Xero subscription then moving to direct debit could save you precious time. By using direct debit, you’ll be able to reduce your admin expenses and expenses and chance of missing payments. New users have the choice of a number of payment methods including direct debit to purchase a Xero subscription, and, existing users can amend their payment method from credit card to direct debit if they prefer. Direct debit subscription payment options are also available in NZ, UK and US.

Itemise an expense claim on Expenses mobile app – iOS

Previously, small businesses could only split line items for an expense on the desktop version  of Xero. We’ve now enabled this feature on the Expenses mobile app on iOS, to allow you to create a more detailed and accurate expense claim on the go. You can split expense claim into different line items, categorise line items to different accounts, apply different tax rates and assign to a different projects and/or customers. Android users will be able to enjoy this functionality very soon.

Staff Removal improvements

We’ve added more transparency when you remove staff in Xero HQ, giving you the assurance you need, that staff have been removed correctly. You will be notified with banners updating you with the progress and confirmation when your staff members have been removed successfully.

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