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A Big Thank You to the Xero Roadshow US Community

Posted 1 year ago in Advisors by Ben Richmond
Posted by Ben Richmond

Our 2019 round of Xero Roadshow US has come to an end and we’ve wrapped up the events feeling inspired by all of the accountants and bookkeepers we’ve met on the road and their dedication to shaping the future of the profession. We made 18 stops across the country where we welcomed nearly 1,000 attendees and showcased 22 of our app partners. 

Accountants and bookkeepers are at the heart of everything we do in the US. They help make up the Xero community that’s leading the industry through periods of change and we’re proud to work alongside them to usher in a new golden age of accounting. 

These are three highlights I walked away with from the Xero Roadshow US 2019:

1. Seeing the valuable role accountants and bookkeepers play

The accounting profession is going through dynamic changes with technology changing the way practices are run and the way small businesses operate. Advancements like artificial intelligence and machine learning eliminate data entry work and provide new opportunities for accountants and bookkeepers to serve as trusted business advisors. 

We believe in working together to evolve the role that accountants and bookkeepers play. Technology succeeds when it improves human relationships and when it allows the distinctly human contributions of accountants and bookkeepers to shine through. By taking advantage of these new opportunities emerging in our industry, accountants and bookkeepers can uncover deep insights into how small businesses perform and help drive the long-term success of their clients. 

2. Building a stronger future together

While Xero was born in the cloud as accounting software, we were able to put the full power of our platform on display at our US roadshows to show how the Xero app ecosystem makes things simple, seamless, and smarter for small businesses. 

We were joined by app partners like Practice Ignition and Workflow Max who provided demos and walked roadshow attendees through the problems they solve and how they can help streamline workflows and create more efficiencies for firms. We’re excited by the progress we’ve made on the Xero platform and what’s ahead. No matter what challenges your firm may face, Xero is here to help you along your journey and ensure that your clients thrive.

3. Shaping what the accounting profession looks like

Roadshows showed us there has never been a better time to be an accountant or bookkeeper. The Xero community has a passion for the profession and are championing the industry to focus on the future. We heard this from many of our national ambassadors who took to the stage during our fireside chats at Xero Roadshow US. Not only did Xero change the game for their firms, but they are eager to share their knowledge with others and so they can achieve the same success in their firms. 

We’ve seen the power the human element plays in providing business owners with real guidance and customized solutions that help businesses grow and meet their own unique goals. But roadshows showed us the power the human element plays in powering our community and how together, we can shape the future of the industry. This is what excites me about the future and we’re glad you’ve decided to partner with us on this journey. 

No matter where you might be on your Xero journey, our team is here to support you along the way. Make sure to join the Xero partner program today to access resources tailored to your firm and discover ways we can help your firm succeed. 

While roadshows have come to an end, you can plan your next steps and discover our special offers here. And, there’s still time to join us online tomorrow at Xero Roadshow to see the full power of the Xero community. 

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