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Now, share support cases with your co-workers and clients

Posted 10 months ago in Xero news by Nigel Piper
Posted by Nigel Piper

It’s now possible for Xero business customers to share a case with other users from their Xero organisation so they can access the case details online in Xero Central. These other users can be kept informed of any updates and respond on the case.  This means that if the person who originally raised the case is unavailable, someone else can step in as the main point of contact.

Easily add or remove shared users

Sharing a case is as simple as entering the names of users from the same organisation to share it with, either when the case is created in Xero Central or at a later date. Users can also be removed from having shared access if need be.

Notifications are optional

When a case is shared, the people it’s shared with can see it in their My cases screen in Xero Central, and they’ll receive an email to let them know it’s there. It gives users the option to be notified when any responses are added by the Xero support team or their co-workers. Invited users can also opt in or out of case email notifications at any later time.

What shared users can and can’t do

Once invited in, the case is displayed in the user’s My cases list in Xero Central. Using a web browser on a desktop or mobile, the invited user sees a list of all other users that the case has been shared with and who has viewed it. 

They’re able to see case information such as the subject line, replies, and the Xero support person’s profile. They’re also able to add a response to the case themselves if they wish, whether it’s adding information or a file, clarifying something, or making a related query.  

However, only the person who originally submitted the case can add people to, or remove them from, the shared list.

What else has changed

The Share an update button that displayed at the end of case updates has gone. Now you can simply start writing your reply, click share and it will be shared.

A better way of sharing cases

Before the introduction of cases to Xero Central, you were able to email Xero support with your queries and copy in other people to the email trail. That way of doing things has now been replaced with sharing a case online in Xero Central, giving you more visibility, control and a cleaner, smarter way to work.

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