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Expand your business into new markets with Kea Connect, powered by Xero

Posted 4 years ago in Small business by Valerie Walshe
Posted by Valerie Walshe

Xero and Kea NZ are partnering to connect Kiwi small businesses to global networks, helping them to break into new markets. Overseas markets provide the opportunity for New Zealand businesses to grow to a scale that simply could not happen in New Zealand alone.

Going global can be daunting

Learning the ins and outs of potential export markets takes time – something most SMB owners don’t have a lot of. As a champion of Kiwi SMBs for over ten years, we appreciate the time and effort it takes to grow a business. We also understand what a daunting prospect taking your business offshore can be. Kea Connect can make those crucial introductions to the global community for you.

Kea Connect, powered by Xero, provides free access to a network of high-impact Kiwis overseas, who are keen to help other globally-minded Kiwis.

As the saying goes, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Kea knows over half a million expats, including 50,000 New Zealanders at the top of their fields in companies like Google, Facebook and Walmart. There’s even a Kiwi at the White House.

The platform fosters connections to relevant industry contacts around the world. This enables SMBs to glean information from someone on the ground who’s been there and done that. Kea mentors can help to accelerate these learnings for small businesses by sharing their experiences and valuable insights.

Meeting an international demand for sustainable packaging

Sustainable packaging business noissue is just one of many small businesses who have benefited from the Kea network. “Kea Connect was extremely generous with their connections,” says co-founder Josh Bowden. “They put us in touch with all sorts of people from advisors to relevant business partners.”

Because customers can design and brand the packaging themselves, noissue has been able to serve a wide customer base. Their products service a range of businesses, from handmade candles to funeral urns.

It was through Kea Connect that noissue was connected with Jonty Kelt, a Kiwi living in New York, who ended up becoming a bit of a mentor to Josh and Augie. He helped them understand how they could use customer data to make business decisions.
“Kiwis are very passionate about helping other Kiwis,” says Josh. “We went to a Kiwi meet-up in New York, set up by Guy Horrocks, and met a bunch of Kiwis who asked how they could help our business. I don’t know if that would happen if you were from another country.”

The power of technology

Getting started with Kea Connect is simple – and it’s completely free. Once you’ve filled out the online form, Kea will conduct a needs assessment and search their database of Kiwis abroad. Then, they’ll introduce you to Kea network members who may give you business advice, market insights or further connections.

At Xero, we believe harnessing digital technology is critical for small businesses to prepare for a strong future. Establishing an online presence – through a website and social media channels – is now commonplace and what today’s consumers expect.

When you’re running a business with an international customer base from New Zealand, using cloud technology is also instrumental in establishing and maintaining those connections.

Read more about Josh and Augie’s journey of launching noissue into new markets in the customer story.

Take your business global faster by signing up today at keaconnect.com.

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