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Xero Global Release Update: September 2019

Posted 3 years ago in Product by Ann-Lisa Niemann

Check out the latest updates for small businesses and partners, plus a peek at what’s coming soon. Xero changes and release updates can be found in Xero Central or keep an eye on the feature timeline for a summary of some of our bigger releases.

Recently released  

  • Hubdoc Small Business Permissions 
  • Single Sign Up – App Marketplace 
  • Geo-tag in bulk for Advisor Directory
  • Stripe feed 
  • Domestic Reverse Charge VAT rates – UK
  • Xero HQ VAT enhancements – UK
  • Auto pay on repeating invoices with Stripe
  • WFM & XPM – Zendesk 
  • GoCardless – Provisioning Flow – US & CA


  • Payroll – Benefits in Kind (V2) (UK)

Coming soon

  • Advisor App Recommendations
  • Xero Projects – Quote Integration
  • Custom email templates – Xero HQ Ask
  • XPM Aged WIP


Hubdoc Small Business Permissions

Previously, if small business owners wanted to provide their employees with access to Hubdoc, they had to provide full access to the Hubdoc organisation. Now, with Small Business Permissions, business owners can now control who can access their documents by assigning user roles to their employees. The three types of user roles include Upload Only, Standard, or Accountant/Bookkeeper. Learn more about the update here.

Single Sign Up – App Marketplace

This feature allows you to use your Xero login credentials to create and pre-populate a trial account with selected Xero connected apps. If single sign up is available for your chosen app, there will be a button that states ‘Sign in with Xero’ in the App Marketplace. The apps currently supporting this features are ServiceM8, Float, Suitefiles, Practice Ignition, A2X and Waddle.

Geo-tag in bulk for Advisor Directory

To help your practice to be found more easily, we have added a way to automatically geo-tag your clients details, saving you time and ensuring you can be found in more locations. To update all your clients location details, simply head to the Practice tab in Xero HQ, and click the “Add location details” button.

Stripe feed

We created a simple, free and easy way to reconcile Stripe transactions so you can get a full picture of your financials in no time. A Stripe bank feed can now be set up within Xero, which allows for easy reconciliation and for transactions to be imported (even if Stripe isn’t being used as a Payment Service in Xero).

Domestic Reverse Charge VAT rates – UK

We’re pleased to let you know that the Domestic Reverse Charge (DRC) is now live in Xero. The new feature will help you comply with your DRC obligations. 

DRC intends to cut down on “missing trader” fraud, where companies receiving high net amounts of VAT from their customers have no intention of ever paying over to HMRC. DRC only applies to individuals or businesses registered for VAT in the UK. Learn more about the release on our blog

Xero HQ VAT enhancements – UK

Since the release of Xero HQ VAT, we’ve added two new sections so you can now find clients who last filed an MTD VAT return, as well as VAT Not registered clients not on MTD VAT.

Auto pay on repeating invoices with Stripe

Auto pay allows you to set up and receive recurring card payments for repeat billing customers, directly through Xero. Merchants can offer auto pay on a repeating invoice, and once done, the customer will receive an invoice email that notifies them of the auto pay opportunity. 

From the online invoice, the customer can choose to save their credit card for automatic payment going forward

WFM & XPM – Zendesk

The latest updates to the WorkflowMax and Xero Practice Manager integration with Zendesk mean your helpdesk team can now input time directly from their support tickets into the job manager. Captured times are immediately available for invoicing and reporting, and eliminate any double entry. 

Existing users with this integration need to update their WorkflowMax API keys in Zendesk to continue using this integration without any interruptions. We enabled self-service upgrade of API keys to minimise the impact.

GoCardless – Provisioning Flow – US & CA

GoCardless has just become easier to set up. Check your payment services provisioning flow and add Direct Debit/ACH transfers as an option to pay invoices with. GoCardless helps you reduce the amount of overdue invoices and improves your cash flow; simplifying the payment process – saving you and your customers time and effort.

Coming soon 

Advisor App Recommendations

Advisor App Recommendations will allow Xero advisors to navigate and highlight the apps that are likely to have the biggest impact with your clients, thereby offering great value to clients and enriching the relationship. 

Xero Projects – Quote Integration

We’ll soon be adding a new workflow in Xero Projects, which will allow it to integrate with our quotes feature. This new workflow will let you plan and estimate your jobs. Using this same information, you’ll be able to quote your project, choose what level of detail you want to show to customers, and then email it as you currently do in Xero quotes.

Custom email templates – Xero HQ Ask

Soon, we’ll be improving the experience for Xero Advisors communicating to clients through Xero HQ Ask. With Custom email templates, you’ll be able to create and save custom email messages when sending through an Ask query saving you time on writing out the full email messages each time.

Xero Practice Manager

Aged WIP report

Many of you have asked us for the ability to report standard WIP on a specific as-at date, and then view it by percentage of aged WIP or aged categories – such as a specific month or a specific number of days. Shortly, the standard report will include % of WIP. 

WIP Dashboard 

Soon, you can see the total WIP for all jobs that have been unbilled/uninvoiced for a month by choosing an as-at-date. For those that do the work, we’ve also added a ‘My jobs’ filter so staff can easily view all the jobs they’ve put time against and the total work in progress for each of those jobs.

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