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Reporting improvements coming soon to XPM

Posted 3 weeks ago in Advisors by Anesh Budhabhai
Posted by Anesh Budhabhai

After announcing our increased investment in Xero Practice Manager at the last Xerocon, we’ve spent the year building a great team who have made XPM more stable for you. We’ve also built new functionality that we hope you’re finding useful; consolidate your invoice export to Xero, remove WIP, and update job status in bulk.

Now we’re excited to announce that the next XPM enhancements will be centred around reporting. We know you want better, more in-depth reporting capability so that’s what we’re focusing on.

An all-new WIP dashboard will let you view your WIP at a selected date and see your aged WIP totals. We’re also building a standard aged WIP report that you can run at a selected date with a number of grouping options to give you the flexibility and deeper insights you need. Here’s more on each:

WIP dashboard

This is what the new dashboard will look like. You can see the actual time and WIP for a category by adding an as-at-date filter. We’re also adding a ‘My WIP’ filter so staff can see only the WIP that’s assigned to them.

Aged WIP report

Many people have asked us for the ability to report standard WIP on a specific as-at date, and then view it by percentage of aged WIP or aged categories – such as a specific month or a specific number of days. So we’ve created the aged WIP report for you that includes:

  • as-at dates
  • staff and client view
  • grouping by:
    • client group
    • client
    • partner
    • manager
    • staff
    • job category
    • job status 

Report builder enhancements

We’ve also received feedback that you’d like the report builder to be more useful. So we’ll soon be kicking off a series of improvements that will save you time and make your overall reporting life easier.

Keep an eye out on XPM

We’re looking forward to bringing you these new reporting features soon. You’ll get in-app messages as soon as they’re live.

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