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Keeping pay rolling

Posted 7 months ago in Advisors by Dhan Mannakkara
Posted by Dhan Mannakkara

Payroll has a huge impact on the UK and its economy, we want to make it easier for everyone.

From talking to our 1.8 million subscribers, we know that hiring, paying and managing staff isn’t as simple as it sounds. You’ve got to work out how to pay your employees, make sure you pay them the right amount, at the right time, each month – and keep on top of ever changing legislation.

That’s why we created Xero Payroll – a huge number of our subscribers, and their accounting and bookkeeping partners, use it every day to pay and manage staff in less time.

We’re going to run you through seven reasons why online payroll software can help you take the stress out of managing payroll.

1. Choose online software to save time and reduce errors

You’ll need to find a system that works with you. While many people do try and manage payroll using a spreadsheet or desktop software, online tools like Xero Payroll can make your life easier: You can work from anywhere and at any time, wherever there’s an internet connection.

  • Tricky calculations are automated for you – like statutory leave, pensions and now even benefits in kind
  • It’s designed to be easy-to-use
  • Payroll data is encrypted to keep it secure and online so, even if your laptop is stolen or damaged, you can still access your vital information.

2. Easy, flexible pay runs

Pay staff in various roles, and on different rates, accurately. You can choose how often employees are paid, and make adjustments based on the work they perform each pay period.

3. Save time by collaborating on payroll

Online software lets you, your accountant, bookkeeper and your team work together on payroll. You all have access to the same data and you can keep control over what they can access.

4. Never print another payslip

Let employees access payslips from their mobile, tablet or computer and make paper payslips a thing of the past.

5. Automate your HMRC submissions

Payroll legislation is complex, and includes taxation, reporting and employment laws. When we surveyed small businesses, keeping on top of this legislation was one of the biggest challenges that they faced. Xero Payroll automatically submits information to HMRC when you complete a pay run, and has a number of features to help you through your duties at the end of the payroll year. Create P11, P32, P60 and P45 documents with ease, and automatically update tax codes as you move into a new year.

6. Reduce your admin load by letting employees submit leave and time directly into your payroll software

It can be hard to keep track of all your individual employees time and leave requests, calculate how long they’ve worked and how much they’re owed – then input it into your software each month. Xero Payroll includes the Xero Me app which lets employees send information directly into your payroll system

7. Get the first three months free

You can get the first three months free – for up to five employees – when you add Xero Payroll to any business edition plan. And remember, you can also try Xero Payroll for free during your Xero trial or in the Xero demo company.

Xero partners can use Xero Payroll on their own practice org for free, and get five programme points.


Visit our dedicated payroll pages for small businesses and accounting or bookkeeping practices for the latest updates and resources.

If you’re in an accounting or bookkeeping practice you can also download the payroll toolkit which helps you understand how payroll services fit within your service offering and how to work with your clients.

And if you’re a Xero payroll administrator, get fully up to speed with Xero Payroll certification and our quarterly payroll product update webinars.

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