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Three reasons why I bring my team to Xero Roadshow US

Posted 4 years ago in Xero news by Xero
Posted by Xero

Anytime I have gone to a Xerocon, my team knows when I get back, I am full of ideas and insights on how we can run our company better and serve our clients better. Having that time to get away from the office and deep dive into the latest Xero product updates, meet with app partners, and network with other accounting professionals gives me the inspiration to better serve our clients and team. This is why I am excited for Xero Roadshow as it allows my team to get the same inspiration. Here are three reasons why I bring my team to Xero Roadshow.

1. Get up to date on Xero

One reason I like bringing my team to Xero Roadshow is that they get to hear and understand the latest updates to Xero. At the roadshow, we get to understand Xero’s strategy to help small businesses, acquire knowledge about the latest updates to the software, and get a glimpse at Xero’s product roadmap. We also get to interact with app partners and learn more about their integrations into Xero. This mini-Xerocon helps give us an understanding of where Xero is going in the future, which allows us to plan proactively. My team gets a deep dive into seeing how Xero and its app partners allow us to serve our clients better, insights into new services we could offer, and finding app partners to solve some of our clients’ problems.

2. Interact and network with other accounting professionals

Another reason I like bringing my team to Xero Roadshow is having them interact with the other firms and accounting professionals that attend. These moments of serendipity provided us with best practices we take back to our firm, collaboration around how we solve common problems, and introductions to other firms we can work closely with. At the last Xero Roadshow we attended, one of our team members networked with another accounting firm owner that we were able to refer clients and prospects. These interactions can continue through being involved in Xero Hour each month as well and my team is already looking forward to reconnecting with other accountants they’ve met through these events. The accountants in the Xero community are a collaborative group and obtaining and sharing that wisdom from each other is a great reason to attend Xero Roadshow.

3. Bring new ideas back to our firm

The biggest reason why I bring my team to  Xero Roadshow is for them to obtain new ideas and ways we can better work together and serve our clients. While I could attend roadshow alone and provide my learnings to our team, that just gives them the view from my position and I miss getting their unique insights. Getting out of the office ( or virtual office for our team members) and dedicating some time to engage with other professionals to gain a better understanding on how to use Xero allows our team to bring back their own unique insights and become a better firm as a result. At the last roadshow we went to, one of our team members got to work with an app partner to help solve a need for one of our clients. They were able to figure out how best to leverage Xero and this app and found better ways to utilize the app in the future. Spending the time to find and unlock these ideas has paid dividends to our team and our clients and its why I love bringing my team to Xero Roadshow.

Our team looks forward to when the next Xero Roadshow is happening because of the fun they have at them and what we bring back to our firm. Roadshows are great ways for my team to expand their understanding of Xero, see the roadmap, network and learn from other professionals, and get inspired to serve our clients better. We can’t wait for Xero Roadshow to come to Chicago. See you there!

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This post was authored by Joshua Lance, Managing Director at Lance CPA Group.

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